Caring for indoor plants.


It sits in the corner of the room, looking sad, with its limpy big discolored leaves. The reality is I am slowly killing my indoor plant.
The whole purpose of having an indoor plant was to bring nature into my house and to bring color into my house. Having a plant in my home makes me feel happy. My biggest struggle at the moment is not killing it.

Have you ever wondered how to care for your indoor plants and make them grow? I have which is why I have done some personal research to find some simple ways to help plants thrive. Here are four very basic tips that I am now following:

1. Sunlight.
2. Watering
3. Soil
4. Fresh air.

Sunlight: Is your plant getting enough sunlight. When you buy a plant it usually tells you how much sunlight it likes, this is helpful advice when it comes to putting in the right spot in your home. Also, sunlight varies with seasons, summer more sunlight and winter less sunlight. My plant likes partial shade, in the summer it thrives in the corner as the sunshine intensity bursts through my big living room window. In winter it was missing out on that sunshine in the corner. I have moved it in front of the window for the winter months now it is getting plenty of sunshine.

Sunlight: Rotate your plants to the light, giving them equal light so they will grow equally and grow straight.

Watering: Overwatering leads to root rot, and underwatering leads to plants drying out and limping out. It turns out I have been over watering, with the base of the pot full of water. My plant was on the path to root rot. Apparently, plants need a good watering and then they need time to dry out before soaking again. The simplest way to test is the finger test, by putting your finger in the soil to see how dry or moist it is.

Soil: Simply use proper potting soil, and that way the soil will drain well.

Fresh Air: Plants love fresh air and the air to be circulating. The easiest way to achieve this is by opening up the windows.

Now, these are just simple easy ways to care for indoor plants. Serious gardeners may be shaking their heads in disgust. Yes, I know there are more complex ways to care for your indoor plants. Whilst if you are like me, and can just cope with the basics these four points are a good place to start.

Now that I am implementing these four easy points to take care of my indoor plant I am hopeful that it will thrive and not die.

I would really like to have more indoor plants because plants make me feel happy.

Wishing you all  a wonderful day!




Ten Blessings Of The Week.


Sometimes it can be a challenge to remember the blessings in the week, however it is a beautiful challenge to just spend some time reflecting on the week, to recall at least 10 things to feel blessed for. It can become a positive check of how you spent your time and how you were feeling. The days and weeks can pass us by with out us even really thinking about how we spent our time, and all the beautiful moments life has to offer. I think  this is just a beautiful exercise to encourage a positive outlook to life.  Ten blessing was an exercise which was in the book “ Be Happy” by Robert Holden. You can check that book out if you would like to know more.
Here are my Ten Blessings of the Week:


1.Feeling blessed to have a city day with my boys, and go to the movies, then go to a public place like Federation Square enjoy our lunch and  watching kids movies on the big out door screen.


2.Feeling blessed to have a really warm home to live in with great heating because it is cold outside.


3.Feeling blessed to enjoy another city day, and go to the Wallace and Gromit exhibition, and create our own little mini movie. Attend my first film festival which was for  young film makers and wow they made some excellent short films. The future is bright!


4.Feeling blessed and happy to notice one of my camellia’s budding in my garden.


5.Feeling blessed to be able to attend my Toastmasters Club Officer training, meeting great people, learning how to improve my skills and abilities, and feeling inspired to be a better person.


6.Feeling Blessed to have lots of family time with my boys on school holidays, even though they are teenagers and have their own interests, we still find things to do together and have fun doing it.


7.Feeling Blessed for books and reading time, hard cover books and also audio books. This week I have been enjoying both, and it is good to notice my oldest son is really into books.


8.Feeling Blessed to relax in a comfortable home, enjoy a love home cooked meal and a glass of wine with family.


9.Feeling Blessed for two clothes horses, because everything is being dried indoors during the winter months, and also grateful for a few fine days to wash and dry sheets and towels. Fresh sheets and towels always feel so good.

10.Feeling blessed to so easily enjoy the experience of walking around the picturesque Australian Gardens, which is close to my home and free of cost.


What are your Ten Blessings of the Week?




First Blog Post


Day 6 of the Kickin’ It Old Skool Blog-a-thon about Friday First – Share Your First Blog Post at with Jamie and Shannon Ridler

My First Blog Just.

My First Blog Just.

My first blog was called Just. Part of my Library course was to create a blog. So like a good little student I did. I didn’t know what blogging was, and I had no idea what to do with my blog. My first blog was all about learning, my learning I got a lot out of it. It was a big experiment for me, I had fun creating it and learning about blogging after all that was the purpose of it. I never did complete the Library course, but I am still blogging it just these days I blog about what  is interesting to me, purely for the purpose of enjoyment. So here is my first post. .Reading it made me giggle, because I did grow to enjoy it and I am still blogging.  However I  think the explanation about  what the blog was about  sums up where I was at, this blog is about life-long learning and overcoming fear of technology and technophobiaThanks Just, I am getting there but it is a reminder that I need to experiment more, and play more with my current blog. 

Wishing you all a great Day!