Weekend Off! Wow weekends are special when you work a lot of them.


Friday evening, excited for I have the weekend off. Winter time is tough, so much time spent indoors, short days and long nights, its cold and I don’t want to go out. Spending what few weekends off I have wisely helps prevent the Winter Blues from getting to me. I work a lot of weekends so having a weekend off is pretty special. This weekend is particularly special because it is the first weekend in a long time where I have nothing planned. All that free time I wonder what I will do with it. I check out the weekend forecast that just tells me it will be cold and wet. I will be needing a coat and umbrella, and will probably be spending a lot of time inside. My thoughts are it should be a productively relaxing weekend, with family time, exercise, personal project time, and even some free time. I often find that I over book my weekends with activities and events, and come out feeling tired at the end of it.

I found a couple of blog posts on the internet that may help when it comes to making the most of your weekends.

Things Successful People do on weekends

53 Fun thing you can do this weekend

Are you trying to do too much this weekend?

Weekend wish list- my list of things to do for this weekend.

Friday family movie night. ( family ritual)
Family time an afternoon to do something, go somewhere and enjoy some family time.
Yoga class
Reading( curled up on the couch)
Work on a personal project, ( 2-3hrs)
Go for a walk and take my camera out and take some photo’s( I really want some time to play with my camera.)


Nothing too exciting, just a casual, relaxing weekend, is all I want. What sort of a weekend do you want to be enjoying?


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!





Farmer’s Market to Archibald Prize Exhibition.



This weekend I had nothing planed. I was still feeling tired, and couldn’t contemplate a full weekend. My plans was to  go with the flow. However I just hate wasting my weekends, as I work so many of them. Saturday morning was a late morning visit to the Farmer’s market, which including relaxing having a coffee and listening to the music. I also brought these lovely flowers, and  a few other things.





After a lazy Sunday morning sleep in, I decided I really wanted to do something with my day. The boys weren’t interested. I enjoy visiting art galleries. So I decided to go for an adventure by myself. I put my summer dress on and headed out, and for a while the sun was even shining. I ventured down to the  Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, to see the Archibald Prize 2014 Exhibition. This is an exhibition exclusively to portraits, and includes some very prominent Australian artists. It is so delightful to see the variety of creative ways they do these portraits from traditional to bizarre. I think what I love best is reading what the artist words about the person they chose and how they were trying to capture them in their work. I really enjoyed the exhibition.

After that I slowly walked through the Mornington Rose Garden. How lovely all those roses looked. I just sat there for a while so I could soak in all their beauty. It was a beautiful peaceful garden to take time out in and relax, and even smell the roses. Some of them smell real good.

It was a very enjoyable day. It was a day that left me feeling good, and uplifted.  A day for me an Artist’s date.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!




Magical, Adventurous, Fun, Weekends.


Weekend happiness, so magical and full of possibilities my weekend days can be.
Due to working so many of my weekends(thanks to nursing), they are extra special when I get them off.
It feels good to know that there are two wonderful days to fill up with fun adventures and relaxing activities..
Out of all the days in the week the Saturday and Sunday are ones that I like to make sure are full of the things I love.
Many of my weekends have been wasted, I have not used my time so magically, rather I filled it up with dull unimportant activities like siting on my computer or doing housework(Yuk!)
Not this weekend Saturday night was a family party for Mum, hip hip hooray for Mum’s Happy Birthday!
Sunday was family day, well more like family afternoon, we slept in and then Mr. Serious cooked us egg and bacon rolls for Brunch.
Then we ventured into the city to visit the Immigration Museum which was a history lesson and gratitude lesson in one.
My husband and I found it very informative, however we had to do a lot of reading. The boys they were happy to watch the interviews on the screen, however too lazy to read anything.
After that we wandered along South Gate, found a restaurant that sells yummy pizza, and enjoyed a lovely early dinner.
Mighty Mouse found a brochure for the Eureka Skydeck, telling us how he really wanted to go there. He wants to go to the very top, he is not scared at all, he is going to the very top he tells us. He gets his brochure folds it up and puts it in his pocket. I having a feeling it will be coming out the next time we ask him what he wants to do.
 We asked the boys what they thought about the day, well pizza was the best bit, I must admit it was really nice pizza.
Another weekend has gone, this time I did not waste it. It was wonderful, magical and included a great adventure into the city.
These days I try to plan my weekends, so they are just as enjoyable as I wish them to be.
To help plan weekends I usually have a list of things I want to do or places I would like to go. I also keep an events calendar for each month. I usually put in events and festivals,and  local events, that I might want to experience.
Don’t let the weekend slip by. Plan something, make it special even if it is a movie or a picnic.
Do something!
Make weekends special.
Wishing you a wonderful day!
Immigration Musuem

Weekend Bliss!

I wish to make the most of my weekends and experience even more weekend bliss.

I wish to make the most of my weekends and experience even more weekend bliss.

One of the problems I always come across is how do I make my weekends more interesting? As a mother I always feel like I am putting things on hold, so I can meet the needs of my family. In-fact there are many times I don[t even consider possibilities because they will not fit in with others. So my goal is to find more ways to do the things I enjoy on the weekends that still work in with my family needs but also meet my needs.

So today I dropped Mighty Mouse of to his creative cooking activity. Then on the way home I stopped at the gym cafe had coffee and did some journaling and then went to a relaxing Yoga class. I am still there for my family however it is nice to make the most of the opportunities I have and indulge in some self time. Mighty Mouse’s creative cooking class obviously went extremely well he ate everything, and told me it was yummy. I think it is important to take time out for me. However a day or an evening is not always possible so it is important for me to make the most of my opportunities, be creative and plan a little. I have been working on planning my weekends a little more this past year, so as not to waste them. I work out the things I need to do, the things I want to do, the things my family wants to do, activities already scheduled mostly for kids. I think this makes a difference. I just see the potential for far more productive and interesting weekends.

My plans for the weekend are as follows:

  1. Guided meditations in the mornings( First thing in the morning while I am still in bed and already feeling calm and rested.)
  2. Movies ( Watched Hansel and Gretel, too scary for Mighty Mouse he went to bed instead.) I cuddled the dog and brushed her.
  3. Yoga
  4. Journaling
  5. Family outing( planning a visit to the museum and movies.)
  6. Dinner time together, always lovely to enjoy meal time as a family.
  7. Always time for a bit of reading.


How will you make the most of this weekend ? Feel free to leave a comment. 

 How do you fit ‘me time’ in or even just time to do the things you really desire, and still meet family and work obligations? Please leave a comment.

Wishing you all a great weekend!

I Enjoy Every Moment Of The Weekend!

A place to rest on a Winter's day!

A place to rest on a Winter’s day!

Oh wow it is Friday, and I have started thinking about the weekend. I love the idea of two days devoted to joy, pleasure, adventure and doing the things I wish to do rather than the things I have to do. Certainly weekend days have a much more enticing feel to them than weekdays for me. I really feel it has something to do with how I approach them and that the focus tends to be on enjoyment and fun.
Sometimes I like to:
  1. go to festivals.
  2. find a cafe and have a coffee.
  3. go on a walking adventures.
  4. go to a class at the gym.
  5. check out a festival that is happening.
  6. discover new places, or simply try new experiences.
  7. stay at home curl up with a book, or a good movie.
  8. go to the local farmer’s market or Sunday market.
  9. catch up with family and friends.
  10. complete projects around the house.


There are always so many possibilities. It is often the leisurely or exciting weekends that give my life a special uplifting buzz. So it is nice to make the most of them.

 Weekends are precious for me because I work so many of them. However I have this weekend off so I hope to make the most of it and enjoy it. Now I have just looked at the weather forecast and it looks like being a wet weekend here in Melbourne. This makes my plans a little more challenging. One of the things I was hoping to do this weekend was the olive festival. Other things I was hoping to attend was the local Rotary Art Show. Also the Sunday Market I am in need of some nice smelling soaps and gorgeous flowers and of course a family get together to celebrate a birthday. I also hope to do more reading and keep up to date with my washing. WInter is not the time to let washing pile up especially when you dry everything on a clothes hoist.That is a have to all the others are wish to. So the plan is to jump out of bed Saturday morning get dressed up, put my make-up on and head out the door and make the most of the weekend.
My affirmation: I enjoy every moment of the weekend.
  What are you up to this weekend?
Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!


A Visit to Crudin Farm

Music in the garden!

Music in the garden


Another beautiful hot weekend has just finished. This year I so wanted to go listen to Jazz in the Park.

Every year there is a special event on at  Dame Elisabeth Murdoch’s Crudin Farm, a twilight Jazz fundraising event for The McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park.

IMG_0435 So off we went, with our chairs, rug and picnic.

We found a delightfully cool shady spot amongst some huge shady trees.

I sat with my family, eating, drinking and listening to the Jazz as it echoed through the gardens.


We went for walks around the property admiring the gardens, lakes and buildings.


We sat in the cool breeze and just relaxed. It was a tranquil afternoon/ evening.

Some how a lot of my photo’s didn’t turn out, instead of using a camera I was using my phone to take photo’s

It is the user that is the problem not the phone.

There was a lot of people with picnics and chairs enjoying the event.

There was a lot of people with picnics and chairs enjoying the event.

This was the highlight of the weekend.

I also went out for an early lunch with my Husband and Mr. Serious at the Australian Gardens.

We also had a nice surprise we saw a Bandicoot frolicking in the bushes, whilst we were going for our walk.

I did lots of reading.

Strolled  down the lake Sunday evening to see the old fountain fixed and working again, squirting water high into the sky.

It was such a lovely weekend, which cultivated lots of joy and pleasure into my life.

I think weekends are always more enjoyable when I plan some sort of fun activity into them, or else I just tend to waste them.