Wonderful Weekend





The wonderful weekend has arrived a time of pleasure and socializing. A time of exploring and delighting. This morning my son Mr Serious and myself went of exploring a local art show. It was delightful to go some where local and admire the work and creativity of some local artist. The work covered a variety of styles, my favourite was a traditional landscape whereas my son like a more colourful contemporary painting. The art show was held in a local school gym and also included some artistic works of the school students. It was a delight to be able to do something like this in our local suburb.

Tonight I have plans to catch up with a friend and her family. Weekends are often so busy, and can often just disappear without doing anything enjoyable or social. For me I find that I am often working them or they just disappear into nothingness, wasted by doing chores and watching television, being distracted by my computer.  This weekend I have made an effort to ensure I do some more enjoyable activities like catching up with friends and local art shows.