Fabulous Friday!




Whooo Hooooo it is Fabulous Friday, and I am excited because I am not working this weekend. I have a whole weekend to simply enjoy, and I am planning to enjoy it. I am about to crack open a bottle of wine, start cooking tonight’s dinner as my music blasts through the house. Life is good!


This weekend I am craving a Friday night wind down, where I can curl up into my cozy chair and enjoy a glass of wine and movie with the boys. Saturday night is out to a party, and Sunday lunch to celebrate my brother’s birthday. I look forward to time to go for a walk. Time to relax and listen to music. Time to read.


What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Have a fantastic Friday and a lovely weekend!



Saturday Morning Musings!

IMG_4043Another Saturday morning has come around and I am afraid it is an intense weekend of working so not much time for playing. So many people work weekends now so I don’t feel so bad about it. It still somehow feels like I am missing out. I think it is that Monday to Friday attitude, Yey, it is the weekend, we get to relax and play. So I celebrated my days off on Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday included an adventure walk around the lake with Little Miss Popularity and a visit to the lovely Wilson’s Botanical Park. Whilst Thursday was my Artist’s Date to Heritage Hill Museum and Historical Gardens. This lovely place is hidden away in the suburban streets of Dandenong. It is amazing what treasures can be found hidden in our suburbs. They hide among the drudgery of suburban streets and I often don’t notice them until  I  go exploring.  It was a lovely old house called the Benga House, which I did a tour through the maid’s room, kitchen, and laundry experiencing what it must have been like to be the maid of the house, and how life would have been in those times. Then walking through the house I was able to enjoy three of the art exhibitions. It was a lovely quiet space to be in, and stand back taking in the stories of the pieces of works. Out side was lovely the garden surroundings , unfortunately it was too windy to sit and enjoy. I wanted to take more pictures especially of the house however my camera battery decided to die. That is ok, I at least got this one of the gardens. It was a lovely day out and I enjoyed my solo excursion out very much.  It is a wonderful thing to take time out and re-fill the well. What wonderful things will you do this weekend ? Or are you like me and working this weekend?

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


A Day for a Cup of Tea.

Enjoying a cup of tea.

Enjoying a cup of tea.

Today I decided to do another challenge to try to expand on my writing and help with ideas for writing. So the month of August I will be doing the BlogHer NaBloPoMo August Challenge with the theme being red-hot. I will be starting with day one’s theme, I am a day behind that is ok, I am happy to be imperfect.  The prompt is as follows:

Do you like hot drinks such as coffee and tea?

The morning looked promising, blue sky, sunshine and icy cold air.  After waiting at the bus stop, and shivering,  I happily headed home, and  attended to some important house tasks. I then sat down with my hot cup of tea, and started writing, as I wrote time went by quickly, the blue sky turned grey and air got colder. Then the clouds broke open and the rain pelted down, I thought of my son at his house sport day, and hoped he listened to me and took his coat. I found comfort in drinking my cups of tea, warming me up from the inside. It is winter here in Melbourne and cold dark days like these , make drinking hot drinks very enticing . Now it is just another cold winters day, not a great start to the weekend. So I think tonight it will be a family night tonight,  curled up on the couch wrapped in rugs, watching a movie, drinking lovely hot drinks of tea, coffee and hot chocolate for the boys.

Looking forward to some weekend bliss, sleeping in my cosy bed late morning and reading a book, hopefully get to a late Saturday morning yoga class. Family celebrations and hopefully completing my project of making bath bombs. Lots of time with family and mostly indoors because it just seems so cold outside.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


Wonderful Weekend





The wonderful weekend has arrived a time of pleasure and socializing. A time of exploring and delighting. This morning my son Mr Serious and myself went of exploring a local art show. It was delightful to go some where local and admire the work and creativity of some local artist. The work covered a variety of styles, my favourite was a traditional landscape whereas my son like a more colourful contemporary painting. The art show was held in a local school gym and also included some artistic works of the school students. It was a delight to be able to do something like this in our local suburb.

Tonight I have plans to catch up with a friend and her family. Weekends are often so busy, and can often just disappear without doing anything enjoyable or social. For me I find that I am often working them or they just disappear into nothingness, wasted by doing chores and watching television, being distracted by my computer.  This weekend I have made an effort to ensure I do some more enjoyable activities like catching up with friends and local art shows.