It is not that exciting! Suburban living.

fullsizeoutput_15c8Just another ordinary day, with the highlight being a walk around the lake.  It is a fine Winter’s day, a coat day because it is cold outside. Days like today just are not that exciting.   As part of the Ultimate blog challenge today I am to share blogs that I am reading.  Well I am tired and want to go to bed so I have only one to share.

Today  I have decided to just let you know about a Suburban online  social network to connect with your neighbours and find out what is happening in your neighbourhood it is called Nabo 

Nabo is an Australian social network where you can sign up and is relatively new but is growing. I love that it is suburban focused.

A great blog post on the site  to check out is How to fall in love with your neighbourhood again.

I love its suburbia feel and how it focuses on suburban living.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!





Suburban boardwalk adventure



It had been a late Thursday night at Toastmasters enjoying learning public speaking, leadership, and catching up with Toastmaster friends, and I was feeling tired. I decided a quiet day was what I needed today and so I had declared Friday as my day off. Like every Friday, I did some journaling in my car as I waited for my gym class to start just allowing all my thoughts to get dumped on the page. Then it was time to look after my health by getting some exercise and my happy on, with an energetic Sh’bam class. I then squeezed in some grocery shopping. From here I discovered a lakeside boardwalk to meander along, and took some time out to de-stress and relax. I have planed a delicious meal to enjoy with my family tonight which will be followed by a family movie. I am excited because no work this weekend, it is going to be a weekend off.


When I think of living the good life, I think it includes:

Work I love doing.

Taking care of my health and exercising

Spending time with family and friends

Relaxing, walking and journaling

Learning and developing new skills.

Appreciating all the good things in my life.

Also a little disappointed in myself, this year I was going to plan my weekends more so I don’t waste them. Some weekends are good and some just happen. This weekend I have only planed a dinner out for Mr. Serious’s birthday! It looks like being a weekend that is just going to happen.


What do you think living the good life looks like?

Have a fantastic Friday and a lovely weekend!




Why I Love Suburban Living (And You Should, Too!)

suburban serene
I grew up in the suburbs and loved all that space to play in my own backyard. I love the gardens, cubby house, backyard cricket, the backyard swimming pool were the neighbourhood kids gathered many days. The places to ride my bike, and the freedom to walk around to friends houses. My childhood days seemed full of adventures each day, there always seemed something to do, something to play and someone to play with.  To me my suburban upbringing seemed full of neighbours I knew, and children to play with, it seemed safe and supportive. Maybe that is what has drawn me to living the suburban life.
  • I love that the suburbs are buzzing with community and interests groups to join. I love my Toastmasters group and  I also belong to a ladies group which explores lots of places in the suburbs and some awesome places to eat.
  • I love my space, my big house and open space living, that my boys have a room of their own, that it is quiet and peaceful, and most of the time I don’t hear my neighbours or traffic.
  • I love that their is a smorgasbord of playgrounds and parks to explore, and the streets are full of front yards to admire, and enjoy.
  • I love that I am surrounded by lots of dogs, the suburbs are great for dogs, that get to enjoy the backyard and walks with their owners in the park. My suburban area is a real doggy spot, there are always people out walking their dogs. It can get really busy mornings and evenings with people walking, running and riding bikes.
  • I love that there are a great choice of good schools, libraries, swimming pools, bowling alleys, gyms, and picture theatre. Lots of things to choose from. Convent shopping centers, and lots of places to eat. Maybe I am just lucky but there is not shortage of restaurants and cafes to eat around here. I love the hidden away places like the sculpture gardens and gallery, the homestead cafe, and park with the lake.
  • I love how the shopping centre across the road put a playground and seating in, I am so jealous I wish it was there when my children were younger, and most times it is a buzzing place for parents and children. Not to mention a few cafes to choose from, and a place to sit. At least some effort has been made to make it a social place.
 It doesn’t have to be boring burbs it can be social suburbs. I  really love living in the suburbs, and I just wish suburbanites speak out on how good suburban living can be, and that we work together to make it better and better.

My Exciting Day!

Photo on 16-03-2014 at 6.23 pmSunday evening and the day has just been wasted away. I like to think that the Sunday’s I don’t work are exciting days, but this one was not one of them. It was one of those days when my family were to busy doing other things, and did not want to do anything with me. It was also wet and raining so the poor dog didn’t get a walk. The morning was nice, it was overcast and cold,  the perfect day for a sleep in. I stayed in bed curled up for a while doing some journalling and reading a book. Finally when I did get up, get breakfast and thought yes,  let’s go out and play. But no, they were all too busy!  Mighty Mouse was playing a game, Mr. Serious was playing a game and finishing of  his home work, and Hubby was too busy doing other stuff. So I did my ironing and scrubbed the floors. I felt a bit like Cinderella. I am still waiting for the Fairy Godmother to come so I can go to the ball. Then I relaxed on the couch had a rest whilst listening to the sound of roaring cars on the TV from the other room, where my husband was watching the car racing. Followed by wine and more reading outside in the cold where it was quiet. Followed by pizza for dinner and more wine. Finally followed by coffee( I think my coffee-making skills are improving, it tasted pretty good.) Followed by TV, not that there is much on TV, so I watched one show, it was funny and I don’t even know what it was called. Now it is 10pm and the day is over, and that is my exciting day of being a very boring suburbanite!

How did you spend your Sunday?  Did you make the most of it? Did you work? Did you play big time? Did you feel you wasted it ?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!



Walking Adventure

I love the look of big fluffy grey clouds.

I love the look of big fluffy grey clouds.

It looked like it might rain. It was dark and cloudy. Still a perfect day for a walking adventure. I really appreciate a cloudy winters day, it has its own beauty, and the coolness of it makes it perfect for long walk.

Another lake!

Another lake!

Yes I have been on another walking adventure around my suburb. This time I discovered a new lake, play ground and sporting area. It is amazing that it is just across the road and I had no idea it was there. I live in a new area with new estates and houses popping up everyday. When we brought our house our estate was meant to be the end of the line. The area beyond our estate was green zoned. Shorty after we move, the area was re zoned residential. So all the farms and cows are disappearing. Estate after Estate is going in and filling up with houses. My walking adventures help me to discover the changing face of my local area, sometimes they are delightful and other times a little frightnening.

Dirt tract for local walkers and bike riders.

Dirt tract for local walkers and bike riders.

I found a dirt tract to walk along in went in-between the new estates, it was a big long tract. I had no idea where it might go. My curiosity got the best of me, I had to find out. It was a lovely long walk, often being pushed aside by enthusiastic families on there bike ride. It was annoying in one way, however good to know a number of families still get outdoors and spend time together. Something my own family should take note of and start doing more of.

Walking past suburban houses!

Walking past suburban houses!

Eventually I stepped off the track and into the suburban landscape of houses upon houses. I discovered another lake, more playgrounds and park land.

Another park, another play ground.

Another park, another play ground.

I wish my boys were younger. They used to love going to play grounds. These days in this area there is a multitude of play grounds to choose from. You could make a day of it and take kids for a play ground crawl.

A place to sit and rest.

A place to sit and rest.

It was a long walk, my dog Little Miss Popularity was struggling to keep up, so we stopped and had a rest. At least there are lots of places to walk my dog in this area. I did offer to walk the boys, however they declined. The dog is always keen and excited to go for an adventure walk with me.

Another lake.

Another lake.

Yes another lake. The trend in the area these past few years is too use the storm water from the estates and recycle it creating lakes and waterways. Providing natural environments for residents  to enjoy and wild life to inhabit especially birds and frogs.

Sadly not many people out enjoying these man made nature environments.

I love discovering new areas, new parks, new lakes, and new places to sit, rest and enjoy nature.

I can not wait until my next walking adventure.

Could you have a walking adventure of your own, discover new parks, new shops, community areas, even new streets that are interesting?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

A Walking Excursion.

Today I was curious, I have always wondered what is down the dirt road, so I decided to take time out for me and go on a walking excursion in my neighbourhood.

What is down this road?

What is down this road?

The footpath ran out, the suburban house came to a stop. I kept walking down a gravel road. It had gone from suburbia to almost rural. It seemed odd. It reminded me off what the area used to be like many years ago.

IMG_3291This is the Homestead Wetlands. I had no idea it existed. It just sits there for wildlife, birds and frogs. I could not find a way in to explore, it was surrounded by fencing and a locked gate.

I also came across a cattery and kennels. Small farm plots with house land, horses, cows, and ponies.

IMG_3293  As I walked down the gravel road and past these properties it felt uncomfortable.


It felt like I had escaped from the suburbs and had walked through a secret door into this hidden rural area. It was so peaceful and quiet. A rural area encampsualated by suburban houses around the edges of it.


It is hard to believe all this ruralness is hiding out here.

From the picture you can see the sky is dark and cloudy. No rain yet and the weather is quiet mild. It is a lovely day for a walk.


I came across the Buddhist Temple, I had always wondered were it was. I had seen Buddhist monks walking around the streets from time to time, and had been curious to know where they came from.


As I walked towards the suburban houses I came across this cow. I wondered  what would it be like to have a cow as your neighbour.

It had been a wonderful and interesting walk. I had discovered something new about my neighbourhood. I had for filled my curious desire to find out what was down that dirt gravel road. I hope this area stays like this forever. I hope it never gets swallowed up by all the suburban houses that surround it. It felt like I was in a totally different place as I walked down that gravel road. I like that it is hidden away in amongst all the houses.

I now wonder where can I go next? What other places can I discover?

Have you recently explored your neighbourhood? Did you discover any surprising places in your neighbourhood?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Happy Friday!


The Blog I Wanted To Start.

M.y suburban swim centre and gym

M.y suburban swim centre and gym

The grass, the car, it is so suburban, however the fish makes me smile, it just adds a little soul to the place. 

Today I did a water workout to daggy 80’s music which was so much fun and a relaxing yoga class.

Today’s NaBloPoMo question about risk is : What blog or website did you wish to start?

Happy Suburban Chick is the blog that I wanted to start and so I did back in April 2012 so just under 12 months ago. I wanted to find soul, culture, and quality living in suburban life. From my readings and research not much good stuff is said about the suburbs. Whilst if you read the real-estate pages suburban living is a dream life. Here I am stuck in between, living the reality, which is neither the boring burbs hell or the fantasized dream life. There seems to be a positive way to describe city living (City Chick) or country living (Country style) or coastal living( Sea Change) and the suburbs try (boring burbs). It would be easy to settle for the boring burbs, however I much sooner live the soulful suburbs, or the sensational suburbs. So in search of a better suburban life I go!  I have found over the last 12 months that from focusing on a more cultured and joyful life I have been able to create it. I have found that my suburb is full of interesting places, and even has a degree of art and culture. I think the more I focus on living a more interesting and positive suburban life, the more for filling it becomes. I have also come to realise it that I get to decide how for filling my life is no mater where I live. It is up to me to determine how happy and joyful my life is. I look forward to watching my blog evolve and myself evolve as a person.  I am also looking for all the help and inspiration I can find.  Do you think suburban living can be soulful or sensational or is it just plain boring and conformist living?



Boutique Living

Apparently real estate agents are now selling Boutique Living. What is Boutique mean? Some definitions are small, unique, and luxurious. So it sounds delicious! So I thought I would define Boutique Living for me. For me it is living in a home and living a life that is unique to me. It is living in a home That is luxurious to me, that means the comfy arm-chair, my crochet rugs, pieces of art that brighten my day, fresh sheets, flowers, and pieces of furniture I love. That does not mean my home is full of expensive stuff, because it is not. It is luxurious because it makes me feel good, and it has its own unique beauty. Boutique Living is more than just the material side. It is living your own unique life everyday, a life that is individual, full, alive and that excites you everyday. I love a place to journal, read, spend fun time with my family, and a garden to sit out and enjoy nature in. I love that I live near lakes and have beautiful walks to go on each day. That I can attend Yoga classes at the community YMCA. I love that I am 90% of the time a full-time Mother to my two children Mr Serious and Little Mighty Mouse, and can also work part-time as a Nurse. I love my hobbies of Toastmasters, Yoga and dance classes. I love that we have a fluffy dog Little Miss Popularity to play with and take for long walks. My Boutique Living comes with candles, music and good home cooked food. Playing the music I love, burning the oils I love. Cooking the foods I love. Drinking red wine. socializing with family and friends. Going out and enjoying activities in the community with my family. Curling up on the couch with my hubby, and boys. Reading books, gardening, walking and writing. I don’t think you can sell Boutique Living I think you have to create it. How can you bring more luxury and uniqueness into your life? I think I could socialize at home more often. I could put flowers in my home more often. Setting the dinner table and using  a good dinner set. Even dance with the kids and cook food together. Have more themed nights like our Mexican nights. If you have any ideas please share with me I would be delighted to hear about them.

Five Ways to Discover What Activity and Events are Happening in Your Suburb.

Monument commemorating Edwin Flack at Berwick,...

Monument commemorating Edwin Flack at Berwick, Victoria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Part of my journey to cultivate more happiness and live blissfully in my suburban area is getting out into my community and finding out what it has to offer. I first thought I could look up events to see if I could add more art, music and culture into my life without having to stray to far from home. After a little investigating I have found there is a lot happening in my area. There are art exhibitions and even galleries. Music in the library last Sunday of the month and monthly book cafe’s. Markets, from farmers market to clothing markets. Plenty of cafes and parks to visit. There is actually lots to do all of the time I just had to do a little searching. So the five ways to find out what’s on in your suburb that I found most useful are as follows:

  1. Local Newspapers: I have found sections like What’s On and Community Calendar to be great places to find out local events, markets, community group events, courses, and hobbies. This is one I like to check once a week. Also local papers are always advertising local events and festivals.
  2. Council: My local council is  a wonderful place to find out what is happening in my community. It provides information on local events and tourism as well as community groups and community calendar. The community calendar covers happenings such as markets, fetes, events, talks, local festivals , information sessions, local performing arts groups concerts and local expo events. Many of these events are free or at a very reasonable price.
  3. Tourism Websites such as Travel Victoria: This often provides basic information about parks, markets, festivals and food in a particular local area.
  4. Local Libraries:  These a community treasure boxes as they offer so much more than books these days. Libraries often have events on and often these events are free or very inexpensive. They often have nights with authors of books, workshops, book cafe’s and music plus so much more. It is really worth checking out what your local library has to offer. I once did a workshop about Facebook at the library and I love it when they have an exhibition of local art which visitors are encouraged to vote on.
  5. Ask other locals : This one I need to do a little more of , because  often other people do and know of interesting events and activities in the local area that are not advertised. I also think sharing what treasures I find in my own local area with others will cultivate more happiness and blissful joy in my own suburb.

So I encourage you to do a little investigating of your own and find out what events and activities are happening in your own suburb and surrounding areas. Would love to hear how you go.

Berwick Inn

Berwick Inn (Photo credit: Mattinbgn)

Backyard Joy

I like to sit in my backyard. Nature is so calming and sometimes I just like to come out here and hide.

One of the great things about suburban living is having a backyard. It is those beautiful sunny Autumn days that I enjoy sitting outside like today. The breeze softly passes through me, the sky is blue with occasional white fluffy clouds. The trees are swaying the birds chirping. The grass is looking so green, and is like a thick pile carpet to walk on. Sometimes my backyard mentality brings so much joy, and I am sure my husband finds it very fulfilling to mow the lawns each weekend. In fact our grass is so beautiful  and green, that I recently heard a couple walking past the front lawn, stop and debate if it was real or not.   Anyway getting back to the backyard it is so peaceful and private. I sit out under the pergola, looking out into my garden. I can bring my computer out here , write to my heart’s content, enjoy the sunshine and still grab a little bit of nature. I value having a backyard to sit out and enjoy and to play in, sadly I often take it for granted and don’t come out here and enjoy it often enough. It also means we can have our lovely fluffy dog, who loves rolling in the grass, woofing away birds, and hang around humans. Plus it is a place for the children to run around and play, jump on the trampoline and shoot each other with nerf guns. Unfortunately they don’t appreciate our backyard as much as their electronic and computer games. I think I go grab a cuppa and sit out here and admire the first flower on my camelias to come out.