It is not that exciting! Suburban living.

fullsizeoutput_15c8Just another ordinary day, with the highlight being a walk around the lake.  It is a fine Winter’s day, a coat day because it is cold outside. Days like today just are not that exciting.   As part of the Ultimate blog challenge today I am to share blogs that I am reading.  Well I am tired and want to go to bed so I have only one to share.

Today  I have decided to just let you know about a Suburban online  social network to connect with your neighbours and find out what is happening in your neighbourhood it is called Nabo 

Nabo is an Australian social network where you can sign up and is relatively new but is growing. I love that it is suburban focused.

A great blog post on the site  to check out is How to fall in love with your neighbourhood again.

I love its suburbia feel and how it focuses on suburban living.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!




Everything you need is close to home. So explore!


Finding a place to journal write the things I need to write about. Finding a place to think about the things I need to think about.  My intuitive lead today was: Everything you need is close to home. Explore. Just take a closer look. Be careful not to dismiss the obvious.

Suburban living can often feel like everything is actually so far away. That I need to get in my car and drive, drive, drive to get to where I want to be.

Today I went across the road to the local shopping center, ventured into a small cafe, sipped on my coffee, and tasted a delightful lemon tart. I got out my little note book and wrote a few notes. Just a little suburban bliss time, in a little cafe that was like a suburban oasis. I often feel it is hard to find these places. However, my intuitive lead is probably right. I need to explore and take a closer look. So much of what I need is at this shopping center, it is where I get my food, it is where I get my hair done, it is where the chemist is, and so much more.

After this I went for an Adventure walk discovering a new park to sit in and enjoy. Walking down suburban streets admiring some of the beautiful gardens. It reminds me if I look closely I can see the beauty in suburban life. It certainly doesn’t need to be dull or boring.

Today, for just part of the day, I got to go out and enjoy some suburban bliss, and part of the day I got to stay home and enjoy some suburban bliss. Sitting in my arm chair with a cup of coffee and journaling, getting out into the garden, listening to podcasts as I did my housework, and even taking some time out to do a home yoga session. Now that I have picked my boys up from school I get to create a meal for us all to enjoy together tonight.

2015-07-22 12.08.52

Mr. Crow here caught my attention, he just looked so important that I had to take his picture.
2015-07-22 11.39.56

Found a place to sit, rest and contemplate.

What Suburban Bliss Can You Discover?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


Enjoying good things!

Enjoy the good things

It has been a long break between posts, I have been working on my journaling blog, at Journaling and Walking and also at learning to take and create better images. Whilst I am loving doing my new blog and focusing on my love of journaling. It feels good to come home to this blog, and I feel it is time to come back here.

What good things have you been enjoying lately?

This weekend I have been enjoying attending an ethical shopping class, learning how to spend my money in a way that supports less chemicals, home -grown, animal rights, less packaging, fair trade, sustainable produced and so much more.The way I spend my money, can be a vote for the things that I feel is important. The other thing I learnt was the power to inform companies of my decisions, of approval and disapproval. Ethical shopping is such a huge area to consider, and I will be starting with one thing at a time on my shopping list developing more ethical selections over time. The other thing that came up was the idea of simply not consuming so much. That question of do I really need  to buy it, or do I simply just want it?

I also enjoyed attending the Belgrave Lantern Festival, on Saturday night. This is such a lovely community event, the parade seemed bigger once again this year, and included so many creative lanterns. I enjoyed sitting outside eating pizza for dinner, and was entertained by the parade. It was a very cold winters evening, and a great way to celebrate the winter solstice.

Today I enjoyed staying snuggled up in bed all morning listening to an audio book. Brunch which was cooked by my husband, and then catching up with my blog posts and sending off emails. It was a lazy day!

Over the last six months there have been times when the traffic and building of new estates gets to me. Whilst there are times I feel this suburban life is isolating and boring, and I long for the excitement of the city. Other days the places I want to go and the activities I want to do seem so far away and hard to get too. These things make me feel like a unhappy suburban chick. I remind myself to find a way to live an enjoyable life, and to see exciting opportunities in my own neighbourhood. It was this attitude that helped me to discover the Belgrave Lantern Festival, and also the Ethical shopping class I attended on the weekend. It was this attitude that helped me to discover my lovely adventure walks which have led to so many discoveries in my local neighbourhood.

Once again I plan to come back to this blog, posting only once a week, and focusing on embracing my suburban life and living life as a Happy Suburban Chick.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!