Lavender Essential Oil And Its Uses.


Lavender a common and useful essential oil. Going back to my earliest memories lavender has been in my home, and has always been a comforting essential oil for me.
I picked up some books flicked through the pages as I hoped to find out a little more information about my favourite go to essential oil lavender. I am a novice when it comes to essential oils, however I have come to enjoy using them and finding ways in which they improve my daily living.
Lavender has some useful properties which are as follows:
  • Antidepressant
  • Antiseptic
  • Balancing
  • Calming
  • Healing.
Lavender has been my go to essential oil in times of stress or difficulties sleeping. I love  lavender infusions drifting throughout the house, lavender baths and a few drops of lavender on my pillow which leave me feeling calm and relaxed. I have enjoyed lavender soaps, talcum powers, and body lotions over the years.Lavender pillows have filled  my drawers and been spread throughout the house, contributing to a calming relaxing atmosphere in my home. For years I have loved using lavender, and have found it an affordable essential oil to purchase.
Lavender is good for treating insomnia just put a few drops of lavender on some cotton wool and place it in your pillow slip, this works well.
Lavender also has a reputation for being useful for the  nervous system, as it helps to balance the  nervous system, relieves emotional stress and anxiety, and can assist with depression. This is because lavender has properties that balance emotions, as well as calming emotions.
Lavender is also very good for headaches especially if you use it when you feel a headache coming on, I usually dilute a drop of lavender oil into some carrier oil for example almond oil and rub it into my temples, this helps to relieve the headache.
Lavender is also good to have in the first aid kit, it has antiseptic and healing properties. So it can be used on scratches, cuts, bites and wounds. I didn’t realise this, so I have not used it for this purpose. 
Lavender is wonderful for self-care you can put a few drops in your bath, or even use lavender based body products. Lavender is good for healing damage skin and inflammatory skin conditions, as well as give you a sense of calm and relaxation. I am always careful to put essential oils into a carrier oil such as almond oil, or mix a few drops in a natural base body lotion. Always test a small skin test patch for allergies, with the diluted essential oil in the carrier oil or lotion before using more liberally. 
Lavender can be use to bring about a calming and relaxing atmosphere to your home. This can be done through infusing it in an oil burner, lavender bags around the house, lavender growing under your windows, and also lavender candles.
Lavender has many more uses. As I mention earlier on I am not an expert in the use of essential oils, just an interested novice who loves to use them.
Some useful books are  as follows:
  • Change your mood with aromatherapy by Denise Whichello Brown
  • Aromatherapy and your emotions- How to use essential oils to balance body and mind,  by Shirley Price
  • Aromatherapy- A complete guide to the healing art by Kathi Keville and Mindy Green
  • Aromatherapy by Chrissie Wildwood
  • Calm Kids a guide to natural therapies for children by Jennifer Jefferies.
Please share what your favourite essential oil is and why, and what circumstances you use it for?
Wishing you all a wonderful day!
Disclaimer: I am only a novice in the use of essential oils, I have no expertise in this area and the informational is from my own personal experience and research from books. Always be cautious when using essential oils and beware of any side effects. 

Taking Time Out!

TIme Out


Taking time out is so much easier when you home environment allows such possibilities. My days are busy attending to my kids, attending to the house, and running around after others. I try to take time out each day to journal my thoughts and ideas on the page. Having a comfy chair in a nice quiet cosy spot, the sweet smell of a burning candle, the gentle crackling that it makes, and the beauty of some flowers that add instant colour to the room all get me in the mood. It is the favourite cup and saucer calling with a hot brewed tea in, waiting to be consumed with delight. It is the quietness, that allows me to quieten my thoughts and focus on the positive. It is that powerful idea, that it is ok, it is essential to just take time out. From the external environment of my home to the internal environment of my thoughts, it becomes easy for me to take time out.

So does your environment and attitude encourage you to take time out?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!



Entering The Year Slowly



How quickly January has gone, it has been a month of just being with family and catching up with friends. I have been enjoying being a home body and just winding down from the previous year. Simply spending my days exploring, enjoying and simply lazing about the house. Simple re- filling the well with oodles of self-care. I seem to have made it a habit over the years to just take January slowly. It could have something to do with the fact that it is the summer school holidays , and that December finished with the beautiful frantic busyness of catching up and celebrating with family. All the busyness of December made me want to simply step slowly into January, and enjoy a month of lazy days. Ofcourse there were many days of exploring, such as the sand sculptures at Sandstorming, the Collart Homestead, Werribee Zoo, a late  night at the Drive-In  and of course having friends over for dinner. Mighty Mouse and myself went for an excursion to the Royal Children’s Hospital, he was pretty thrilled when he saw the huge fish tank with small sharks in it, had Mc Donald’s for Lunch, and sat patiently mesmerised by the Meerkat Enclosure at the outpatient appointments area. Whilst after some tests and being reviewed by the doctor, came massive relief, with the news no surgery required, all is ok. That news made me a very happy Mummy!  So back to the other hospital for monitoring again, where there is not even goldfish anymore.   The month of January has been scattered with excursions and activities, some of which were planed and some that just happened. That has been the beauty of January there has been plenty of space to relax and also be spontaneous.  Now that the boys have just gone back to school and that I have just gone back to work things are starting to speed up, and the calendar is quickly filling. That’s Ok! Now that I am rested and have had time to reflect, I look forward to all the wonderful experiences and lessons this year has to offer me.

 I have missed my blog and are happy to be back.
Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Fran Dishon

Fran Dishon



The Reading Corner~Self-care Tip No.2

The Reading Corner,

I love the feel and smell of a real book!

I love the feel and smell of a real book!

After a busy few days of work I found myself just falling in a heap. Just feeling exhausted! I realized that I just needed to slow down and rest. I sat in my comfy lounge chair, which is in a nice quiet corner. I sat for a while reading a book, sipping my tea. A beautiful way to simply slow down life and enjoy the simple pleasure of reading.


Important things to remember each day! 

Be Kind to others and be kind to myself! Be Kind, and indulge in a little self –care.

 I am responsible for caring for others, in order to do that I must care for me.


So be kind to yourself. Wishing you all a wonderful day!





Self Care Tip ~ Breathe

It is spring and the flowers our out.

It is spring and the flowers our out.


Shallow breathing is part of the stress response, whilst abdominal breathing helps to control the nervous system and encourages the body to relax.

Breathe !

Take 10 minutes out of your day, set the alarm and find a quiet place.

Sit up comfortably, and put you feet firmly on the ground, back straight, relax your shoulders.

Breathe! Raise your ribcage and expand your chest. Place on hand on your chest and the other on your abdomen.

Breathe! Just notice how your upper chest and abdomen are moving whilst you breathe.

Breathe! Concentrate on your breath and try to just gently breathe in and out of

your nose.

Breathe! Concentrate on breathing slowly with your abdomen.

Breathe! With each abdominal breath your diaphragm is working more efficiently.

Breathe!  With each breath allow any tension in your body to simply slip away.


This is just a simple breathing exercise that can help bring a sense of relaxation. Something I really needed today. I am feeling sore after having some minor surgery to my left eye. I am feeling stressed because Little Miss Popularity is at the Vets having some dental surgery.  Plus I still have to continue with all the activities of daily life. So now that I am calm and relaxed I can go pick the boys up from school and hopefully pick up our beautiful fluffy dog

Weekend Bliss!

I wish to make the most of my weekends and experience even more weekend bliss.

I wish to make the most of my weekends and experience even more weekend bliss.

One of the problems I always come across is how do I make my weekends more interesting? As a mother I always feel like I am putting things on hold, so I can meet the needs of my family. In-fact there are many times I don[t even consider possibilities because they will not fit in with others. So my goal is to find more ways to do the things I enjoy on the weekends that still work in with my family needs but also meet my needs.

So today I dropped Mighty Mouse of to his creative cooking activity. Then on the way home I stopped at the gym cafe had coffee and did some journaling and then went to a relaxing Yoga class. I am still there for my family however it is nice to make the most of the opportunities I have and indulge in some self time. Mighty Mouse’s creative cooking class obviously went extremely well he ate everything, and told me it was yummy. I think it is important to take time out for me. However a day or an evening is not always possible so it is important for me to make the most of my opportunities, be creative and plan a little. I have been working on planning my weekends a little more this past year, so as not to waste them. I work out the things I need to do, the things I want to do, the things my family wants to do, activities already scheduled mostly for kids. I think this makes a difference. I just see the potential for far more productive and interesting weekends.

My plans for the weekend are as follows:

  1. Guided meditations in the mornings( First thing in the morning while I am still in bed and already feeling calm and rested.)
  2. Movies ( Watched Hansel and Gretel, too scary for Mighty Mouse he went to bed instead.) I cuddled the dog and brushed her.
  3. Yoga
  4. Journaling
  5. Family outing( planning a visit to the museum and movies.)
  6. Dinner time together, always lovely to enjoy meal time as a family.
  7. Always time for a bit of reading.


How will you make the most of this weekend ? Feel free to leave a comment. 

 How do you fit ‘me time’ in or even just time to do the things you really desire, and still meet family and work obligations? Please leave a comment.

Wishing you all a great weekend!

Do you struggle with housework?




Do you struggle with housework? I must admit today I was really struggling to care for my home. I wanted to give it a beautiful clean and polish, however I just wasn’t feeling motivated. As I looked at the dishes in the sink, the filthy floors and stinky toilet, and clothes on the floor. I thought house work, I have all these chores to do today, now that’s exciting!   I then thought why do I do it. Well I do it because it makes me feel good to live in a clean tidy house. I like order, I need order and I find order comforting. I also like to provide a comfortable and clean environment for my family, it is one of the ways I take care of them.  Housework is about caring for me, and caring for my family. Therefore it only makes sense to change the work from house work to home care, and those chores have become important daily tasks. It now sounds so much more enticing. After all important people do not do chores they do important tasks or projects.  With enthusiasm I got stuck into my tasks, washing dishes, picking up clothes and do oodles of washing, vacuuming floors, cleaning toilets and bathrooms. Then I hit an obstacle when it came to mopping the floors. Whoops I broke two mops, I did manage to finish my floors, however now I need a new mop. I am not sure what the deep and meaningful message of my broken mops are. Maybe it is suggesting I need a new approach to cleaning or I should just go do some other self-care activity that is a little more enjoyable. Any way I put the music on, opened up the windows and now have delightfully clean floors. Now off to do some ironing and listen to a pod cast. Through listening to podcasts ironing time has been transformed into such an intellectually stimulating part of the day.
Quote: Our house is clean enough to be healthy, and dirty enough to be happy~Author Unknown
I think the above quote is important to keep in mind, yes I want a clean house not a sterile stiff house. 
What is your perspective on housework ?  Would love to hear your comments on the subject.  

Wishcasting Wednesday!

I am just having one of those days where nothing is going right, and I am really getting annoyed. I am so glad tomorrow is a new day. It can be so easy to spiral into negativity sometimes you just have to delete it from your mind and your email. Delete!


flower decoration

Time to move on to more positive maters. It is wonderful Wishcasting Wednesday! Every week Jamie Ridler from   Jamie Ridler Studios at, asks a question. This weeks question is : How do you wish to nourish yourself?

I wish to nourish my self with lots of journalling, relaxing music, positive affirmations and a cup of tea in my favourite china cup.

It is also very late so it would be nice to nourish myself with a good amount of sleep followed by a nice green juice in the morning.

So off to bed I go wishing for a better day tomorrow, which I will be nourishing myself with a body balance class which always finishes with a beautiful relaxation exercise.

I think I will dedicate the month of March to exploring more ways to add self care and nourishment into  my life!

Wishing you all a Wonderful Wishcasting Wednesday!


Caring for myself helps me be better able to care for others.

Some of my self-care practices for today.



Sipping tea and saying positive affirmations.( 5 minutes)


Artists Way


Penning words, thoughts and dreams in my journal, doing morning pages (30 minutes)




Listening to relaxing music through out the day as I  did my worked.




A lunch time walk around the lake with my beautiful dog Little Miss Popularity.(1 hour)



Lunch at the fountain during my walk, enjoying the view and my food.

Infusing my life with such wonderful self-care practices revitalises me, making me feel refreshed and leave me with the feeling that life is wonderful.

What self-care practices did you do today?  Please leave a comment I would love to read your thoughts.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Journal Writing

journal writing


Today is Yoga Tuesday so I thought I would write about an act of self-care. As part of my self-care ritual I like to Journal, it is my daily dose of me time.


First thing in the morning before rushing around getting the children ready for school, I like to start the day by taking some time out for me.  Life can be so busy, busy, and so fast paced. I like to start my day slowly and calmly. In the morning I like to sit down and do some journaling. It helps to clear my mind, explore questions, dream, and some times just think. It always helps me start my day off right and with some sort of plan about what I intend to do. The method I use is Morning Pages, a journaling tool created by Julia Cameron in her book the Artist’s Way. I mostly do journaling in the morning, however if for some reason if I miss a morning, I simply do it in the afternoon or evening. It has become a daily ritual for me.

Artists Way

“Show up at the page. Use the page to rest, to dream, to try.” ( Julia Cameron)

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron has a great tool in it called Morning Pages. This tool is aimed at helping the individual to find their creativity, and finding your own inspiration.   This tool requires the individual to get up each morning and do three pages of free flow writing, or stream of consciousness writing. It other words you just write down what ever is in your head for three pages. A mind dump. It is like a writing meditation. It does not need to make sense, and it not intended to be read. It is basically just turning up to the page and putting something on it. It is a great tool for clearing the head and starting the day with focus. She also talks about recognizing when your inner Censor, the inner Censor is the one that says negative and critical things about you, the one that says ” that work is not good enough” or ” who would want to read what you have to write.” As Julia says it is important to remember that the inner Censor’s negative opinions are not true, they are just an opinion. It also helps to picture your Censor, the below image is what mine looks like, when I think about that image it is hard to take her serious.  When the negative opinions come up, just think of your inner sensor, now it is just an opinion and move on. This assist to quieten the voice of the Censor. I think this actually works. I am now more aware when my inner Censor is talking and can be kinder to myself.



Sometimes I will use my Morning Pages to explore different issues, in other words I journal my way to solutions. Journaling is also a great way to do reflective learning. It has often allowed me to learn from life events, learn about my strengths and weakness and identify skills and knowledge I  have or need to learn. It is not all serious, a lot of time I have a lot of fun with my Morning Pages, and write very silly things, write about what I love about life, or simply just let my imagination go off on its own little trip. That is the beautiful thing about Morning Pages, there are no rules you just write. So each day that is what I do, I just write.

Do you journal? What style of journaling do you do? If you have any comments about journaling. I would love to read about them. There are so many ways to do journaling.