My journal book adventure.


During Journal Club by Jamie Ridler, I was inspired to grab a book off my self and start working through the exercises and prompts in my Journal.


The Happy Suburban Chick likes to journal, I am currently doing Journal Club and delving deep into the practice of journaling. The last week we explored using books off our shelves for journal prompts. This inspired me to get one of my books off the shelf.

Some books are really good for being part of the journaling process and discovering parts that you can apply to real life. I recently got Julia Cameron’s book Finding Water- The Art of Perseverance, this is the book I have chosen to do over the next 12 weeks.
Like Julia Cameron’s other books you need to know about a number of tools, Artist’s Dates, Morning Pages and Walking. You can find out about the tools in a previous post I did for Walking in this World.

I have already done the Artist’s Way and also Walking in this World and have found the prompts and exercise excellent for exploring in my journal. Also each time I work through one of her books I discover a new perspective and initiating changes that make my life so much enjoyable and in a much more positive direction.

Today I have chosen this prompt from week one which is uncovering a sense of optimism. It is easy to focus on the shoulds, however, those shoulds can limit us and get in the way of what we really want to be doing. This exercise is about focusing on the coulds to discover new possibilities. This is about completing the following quote and doing it as fast as you can. It is important not to overthink it or try to rationalize rather for the answers to just flow on the page unedited.

O ften we do things because we should, what this is about the things we could do. Julia suggests we come up with ten answers to the following prompt.

Journal Prompt: I could try…………………………………………………………..

I love journaling and I love journaling with books I write more about this in my blog Living a beautiful life- journaling and walking.

I really recommend taking a book and not just reading it, but also live it and see what works for you. What book could you read and apply to your life today?


Wishing you all a wonderful day!



The Happy Suburban Chick Returns.


Life is getting faster and faster, and my days go by so quickly. I can not believe it is July! Yes, I am back motivated by The Ultimate Blog Challenge, 31 days of blogging and bringing this blog back to life.

Challenge yourself to see everyday special moments in your day!

As I walk out the door I think how I am getting bored walking around the same lake. I try walking down a different street or two to get there. Even then there is nothing exciting to see. Well in that moment at least that is what I think. Then I walk along the lake and stop at a quiet spot to see if I can get my daily Instagram photo. I stand there wondering is there anything special here. At that moment a group of swans swims right up to me. It was so beautiful and peaceful just watching those swans glide on the water so gracefully, with the calmness of the water and birds in the background. I watch them in wonder and think yes it is the same walk every time but it is up to me to see the special everyday moments in my walk. It seems easy to find the novelty and much harder to find the subtle treasures. That is the challenge of walking around the same lake again and again.It is the challenge we face in much of our daily lives. If I had not looked carefully I might have missed the moment. Look carefully and see what special everyday moments you can discover.


Challenge yourself to see a special everyday moment in your day?


Wishing you a wonderful day!