My journal book adventure.


During Journal Club by Jamie Ridler, I was inspired to grab a book off my self and start working through the exercises and prompts in my Journal.


The Happy Suburban Chick likes to journal, I am currently doing Journal Club and delving deep into the practice of journaling. The last week we explored using books off our shelves for journal prompts. This inspired me to get one of my books off the shelf.

Some books are really good for being part of the journaling process and discovering parts that you can apply to real life. I recently got Julia Cameron’s book Finding Water- The Art of Perseverance, this is the book I have chosen to do over the next 12 weeks.
Like Julia Cameron’s other books you need to know about a number of tools, Artist’s Dates, Morning Pages and Walking. You can find out about the tools in a previous post I did for Walking in this World.

I have already done the Artist’s Way and also Walking in this World and have found the prompts and exercise excellent for exploring in my journal. Also each time I work through one of her books I discover a new perspective and initiating changes that make my life so much enjoyable and in a much more positive direction.

Today I have chosen this prompt from week one which is uncovering a sense of optimism. It is easy to focus on the shoulds, however, those shoulds can limit us and get in the way of what we really want to be doing. This exercise is about focusing on the coulds to discover new possibilities. This is about completing the following quote and doing it as fast as you can. It is important not to overthink it or try to rationalize rather for the answers to just flow on the page unedited.

O ften we do things because we should, what this is about the things we could do. Julia suggests we come up with ten answers to the following prompt.

Journal Prompt: I could try…………………………………………………………..

I love journaling and I love journaling with books I write more about this in my blog Living a beautiful life- journaling and walking.

I really recommend taking a book and not just reading it, but also live it and see what works for you. What book could you read and apply to your life today?


Wishing you all a wonderful day!



Spring Time!

2015-09-01 14.55.11

The first day of Spring and a gorgeous day to open all the windows and let the fresh air stream in.

A lovely day to attend a garden collage workshop at Heritage Hill.

Walking in the garden and sketching a picture.

Being inspired to create my own spring picture by a pot with a small green shrub and violets in it.

Enjoying the sunshine, the intense blue sky, my own garden, and some time to sit and journal.

I came across this beautiful quote:

 “I am going to try to pay attention to the spring. I am going to look around at all the flowers and look up at the hectic trees. I am going to close my eyes and listen.” ~Anne Lamott.

This Spring I will take time to look and listen.

Spring time a delightful time to go outside and play!

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


A delicious place to journal and enjoy the day!


The school committee has been attended, and it finally feels time to wind down and relax. I head off to the local park, find a place to sit, enjoying the clear blue sky, gorgeous views, gentle breeze, and a peaceful place to rest.
I open my journal and allow words to pour onto the page. Occasionally I am distracted by a couple walking hand in hand, or school children in the distance singing badly, or a couple of ladies gossiping on a chair during their break, or a magpie looking at me as I sit on my chair. It feels so peaceful and relaxing to sit and listen to the singing of the birds, or simply feel the occasional gentle breeze of the wind against my skin  amongst the stillness of the day.
After my journaling, I find a cafe. I relax into a cushioned deck chair, under a big shady umbrella, overlooking the roses and playground. The cafe is buzzing with life on this gorgeous sunny day. I sit enjoying a decadent ice coffee, enjoying ever mouthful of it.
A yummy delicious afternoon. I think to myself, I really do underestimate how good my life really is.
Wishing you all a wonderful day!

The Journaling Life!


My Journal is imperfect, a reflection of my imperfect life.

It is unique, boring and juicy another reflection of my life.

It includes stories about my surroundings, and the weather of course.

I write about my days and happenings. Today, right now, at the moment sort of stuff.

It also includes sentences and paragraphs about hopes, dreams, concerns, annoyances, anger, love, and goals.

Plus it includes silly stuff that can be confused as important at the time.

I write about stuff, any sort of important and unimportant sort of stuff.

I write to clear my mind, record my life, and reflect upon life.

I write, because I simply need to write!

Are you are journal writer? Why do you journal? Would love to read your thoughts on journaling so please leave me a comment.


Benefits of Journaling.

Benefits of Journaling

Today is another one of those cold wet Winters days, and it is lovely to sit at the table with a burning candle, soft relaxing music in the background, and my lap top just tapping out some more thoughts on Journal writing.
Journal writing is more than recording facts about your daily life, it goes much deeper than that. It delves into your emotions, beliefs, stories, dreams and desires and so much more. It is a powerful tool for self discovery and creativity. The benefits of journal writing are enormous, and it is one of those tools that cost very little, and you get to decide where and when you will do it. 
Today I am going to provide a list of the benefits of Journal Writing:
  • Journals are beautiful places for discovering and percolating your dreams.
  • Journal writing can assist you to access your subconscious and unconscious ming and tap into more of your own self knowledge.
  • Journals are excellent places to delve into goal setting, actions steps and tracking your goals progress.
  • Through you can identify your own strengths and weakness.
  • Journaling can help you to discover what you like and don’t like. 
  • A Journal is a wonderful place to explore gratitude, and document all those things in your life that you are grateful for.
  • Journaling builds personal confidence, through self exploration and self mastery.
  • Journals are a great place to identify patterns and trends in your life.
  • Journal writing is a great place where you can explore how you want to be treated and how you wish to treat others.
  • Writing in ones Journal can help you to explore relationships and difficult conversations through open mindedness, the asking of questions, and reflection.
  • Journals are safe places to vent, allowing you to release your frustrations and tantrums onto the page, without regretting your actions or hurting someones feelings.
  • Journals are a great place to capture ideas and thoughts.
  • Journaling can hop you develop a writing practice each day.
  • Journaling can be fun, silly, creative, as well as serious, you can express all of your self on the page.
  • Journals are also a lovely place to practice creative writing, to describe the world you live in, and the characters you encounter.
  • Finally a Journal can be a trusted companion, that is with you throughout your life, and choosing.

So there are many wonderful reasons to Journal. My biggest reason for journaling is I really enjoy doing it, and it is a special joyful practice in my day.

It you are into the practice of Journal Writing, why do you journal, and  what benefits do you get from journaling? Please leave a comment, I would love to know what your thoughts are on this subject.
Wishing you a wonderful day!

Winter Journaling

winter journaling


In the morning hours I light a candle, grab a hot cup of tea to sip on, and then curl up into the lounge chair with my journal and pen. Firstly I take a moment to close my eyes and simply breath, 5 minutes is all that is required, then I just let what ever is in my head pour out on the page. No judgments just kindness, and lots of self- discovery. So many things to explore in my mind, thoughts and ideas fly off in all directions; it is just like a big jumbled mess. My journal allows it all to unravel the mess, clear my mind, and even revels insightful discoveries about my life and myself.

Today I penned about my tulips, I can see them just starting to sprout. It occurred to me that the cold chilly days and frosty mornings are exactly what is required to stimulate tulips to grow. It is the harshness of winter that leads to the colorful blooming display in spring. The cold winters days provide ideal conditions for me to curl up on my comfy chair and do some journaling, and take notice of those words; ‘ I wish for…………………..’

Today I asked myself, what wishes is winter stimulating me to cultivate into my life? One of those wishes was writing and the desire to write more and to write well. I have been thinking a lot about writing these past few weeks, and yesterday I fell upon a writing course, which I promptly enrolled in. It will teach me the basic techniques about writing and assist me to write more creatively. I wish to develop writing skills, be motivated to write more, and even do more intense courses in the future. Winter journaling has allowed me to notice, ‘my wish for…..’, and stimulated me to start somewhere, at the beginning with baby steps, and who knows what colorful  Spring blooms will appear.


Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Journaling- Self-care Tip No. 3

journal writing

Todays self-care tip is set aside some time for journaling. Relax and enjoy the experience of journaling. It can be like spending time with a loyal friend each day. 

Here Are 5 Journaling Tips To Get Started.
  1. Have a regular journaling time it helps to build disciple and routine. It also provides comfort. For me I get great joy out of doing my journaling in the mornings. By picking a regular time I find I am more consistent and more likely to journal each day.
  2. Develop a ritual.  It could be to meditate prior to journaling, or do some breathing and centring exercises. It could be burning a candle, or playing a certain type of music. It could be having a cup of tea, coffee or ice water. Having a ritual helps to define the time for  journaling.
  3. Finding a space. It may be a quiet space. It may be a cafe. It may be the park, even your car. As long as it is a space that allows you to open your mind and put it on the page. Personally I like a quiet space. Sometimes I am lazy and journal in bed, often I journal in my lounge, in a nice quiet room on a comfy lounge chair. Sometimes on a nice day I take my journal to a nice quiet spot in the park and journal there.
  4. Sometimes the words just are not there and there is nothing but a intimating blank page. In this case it is useful to use a prompt. A prompt can be a picture, a question or even a quote. I usually like to date my journal, write the day, and time and start of where I am journaling. If I am still stuck I will ask the question: How do I feel today?  You can use any prompt you desire, it just has to be something to kickstart the journaling process.
  5. Journaling is a process, it dose not require you to think about grammar or spelling. There is no right or wrong way to journal. There is only your own way. So enjoy it and do it because you love the experience of journaling.

Finally I would just like to say, always be kind to yourself. Journaling is an act of self-care, it is about personal reflection and expression. So be kind, do not judge your work. 

Enjoy and have fun!

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Five Reasons I Journal !

Beautiful flowers brighten a winters day!

Beautiful flowers brighten a winter’s day!

Another quiet day with a sick child at home.  House work, journaling and even some home yoga. Soup simmering on the stove all day. Wonderful healing vegetable soup for tea. WIth a relaxing evening at home.

Thinking about why I journal each day. It is just a place that I can escape to and be me!

My reasons for journaling are as follows:

  1. I find it to be a comforting ritual
  2. It helps me to live with more clarity and focus
  3. It is a beautiful safe place for self-expression and self-discovery
  4. It is a place where ideas are incubated and explored
  5. It is a place where I can safely vent and complain.

So like so many of my days I set some time aside to journal.  I date my page, some times I paste or draw, whilst I always just sit and write. It is one of the simple pleasures in my life.



Back to the NaBloPoMo today’s question is:

What is the difference between hot-tempered and passionate?
Hot tempered is being angry about something or someone. Where as being passionate feeling really strong about an issue and taking constructive action to bring about change. Being hot tempered is very constricting and it tends to bring about more conflict. Being passionate about something is being intensely interested in all areas of the subject or issue, and being really involved in a more positive way.