Another Day Bites the Dust.

Saturday nightIt is Saturday night and once upon a time I would have been out partying. These days I tend to work a lot weekends, working the late shift getting home late at night. It takes a couple of hours to wind down. Here I sit in my lounge with my cup of tea relaxing and winding down.  I think I head off to bed and listen to some music. As part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge I need to share a video. So here is a music video. Something you should know about me is I love Jackson Browne, and have been listening to his music for years. Which is why I have chose this video. Jackson Browne this is one of my favourite songs, of my favourite album. The Pretender.

At times thought provoking, because it makes me question my own life, and I am still working on my paint by number dreams.

Wishing you a wonderful day!