Do you struggle with housework?




Do you struggle with housework? I must admit today I was really struggling to care for my home. I wanted to give it a beautiful clean and polish, however I just wasn’t feeling motivated. As I looked at the dishes in the sink, the filthy floors and stinky toilet, and clothes on the floor. I thought house work, I have all these chores to do today, now that’s exciting!   I then thought why do I do it. Well I do it because it makes me feel good to live in a clean tidy house. I like order, I need order and I find order comforting. I also like to provide a comfortable and clean environment for my family, it is one of the ways I take care of them.  Housework is about caring for me, and caring for my family. Therefore it only makes sense to change the work from house work to home care, and those chores have become important daily tasks. It now sounds so much more enticing. After all important people do not do chores they do important tasks or projects.  With enthusiasm I got stuck into my tasks, washing dishes, picking up clothes and do oodles of washing, vacuuming floors, cleaning toilets and bathrooms. Then I hit an obstacle when it came to mopping the floors. Whoops I broke two mops, I did manage to finish my floors, however now I need a new mop. I am not sure what the deep and meaningful message of my broken mops are. Maybe it is suggesting I need a new approach to cleaning or I should just go do some other self-care activity that is a little more enjoyable. Any way I put the music on, opened up the windows and now have delightfully clean floors. Now off to do some ironing and listen to a pod cast. Through listening to podcasts ironing time has been transformed into such an intellectually stimulating part of the day.
Quote: Our house is clean enough to be healthy, and dirty enough to be happy~Author Unknown
I think the above quote is important to keep in mind, yes I want a clean house not a sterile stiff house. 
What is your perspective on housework ?  Would love to hear your comments on the subject.