Enjoying good things!

Enjoy the good things

It has been a long break between posts, I have been working on my journaling blog, at Journaling and Walking and also at learning to take and create better images. Whilst I am loving doing my new blog and focusing on my love of journaling. It feels good to come home to this blog, and I feel it is time to come back here.

What good things have you been enjoying lately?

This weekend I have been enjoying attending an ethical shopping class, learning how to spend my money in a way that supports less chemicals, home -grown, animal rights, less packaging, fair trade, sustainable produced and so much more.The way I spend my money, can be a vote for the things that I feel is important. The other thing I learnt was the power to inform companies of my decisions, of approval and disapproval. Ethical shopping is such a huge area to consider, and I will be starting with one thing at a time on my shopping list developing more ethical selections over time. The other thing that came up was the idea of simply not consuming so much. That question of do I really need  to buy it, or do I simply just want it?

I also enjoyed attending the Belgrave Lantern Festival, on Saturday night. This is such a lovely community event, the parade seemed bigger once again this year, and included so many creative lanterns. I enjoyed sitting outside eating pizza for dinner, and was entertained by the parade. It was a very cold winters evening, and a great way to celebrate the winter solstice.

Today I enjoyed staying snuggled up in bed all morning listening to an audio book. Brunch which was cooked by my husband, and then catching up with my blog posts and sending off emails. It was a lazy day!

Over the last six months there have been times when the traffic and building of new estates gets to me. Whilst there are times I feel this suburban life is isolating and boring, and I long for the excitement of the city. Other days the places I want to go and the activities I want to do seem so far away and hard to get too. These things make me feel like a unhappy suburban chick. I remind myself to find a way to live an enjoyable life, and to see exciting opportunities in my own neighbourhood. It was this attitude that helped me to discover the Belgrave Lantern Festival, and also the Ethical shopping class I attended on the weekend. It was this attitude that helped me to discover my lovely adventure walks which have led to so many discoveries in my local neighbourhood.

Once again I plan to come back to this blog, posting only once a week, and focusing on embracing my suburban life and living life as a Happy Suburban Chick.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


Bushwalking to Bushrangers Bay, Visiting the Vet, Toastmasters and Lazy Sunday, Oh what a week!


Bushrangers bay walk



Tuesday was Melbourne Cup Day, and a great excuse for a family day. We went for a long, long scenic drive down to the picturesque Cape Schanck. This has to be one of my favourite day trip escapes. Cape Schanck is known for its light house, however my favourite thing is to wander along the scenic walk to Bushrangers Bay. This walk through the tea trees along the cliff tops provides the most amazing view of the coast, rocks and sea. Whilst walking along the bush track I was delighted by the variety of bird sounds, they were like a sweat musical bird orchestra. My only fear was it was a beautiful sunny day, with a pleasant breeze, and I walk with a vigilance watching out for snakes. It was a perfect day for snakes to venture out and sun bake on warm bush tracks. Luckily I didn’t see any, although a couple warned us they had just seen one on the left of the track up ahead. I was so relieved that it had decide to slide away back into the bushes. When I made it to the end of the walking track there was a climb down quiet a number of steps. Easy going down, slower and harder going back. I enjoyed a lovely picnic lunch on the beach with my family with my feet massaging the sand whilst I looked out on the most serene view. I can only say I love this place, it is a beautiful haven for people to picnic, explore and play.


BS Cape SchanCk_1257



However the week has not been all play unfortunately Little Miss Popularity had to undergo an anaesthetic at the Vet, to clean her teeth and have a tooth extraction, she is recovering well. It made me seriously think about pet insurance. Pet health care is so expensive these days, and as she is family to me, I want the best for her, well maybe not the best, I mean the best basic pet care for her. I just want her to be comfortable and healthy. The only problem is she is one of those breads that seems to have a list long of problems. So I guess I should be grateful that she doesn’t have a heart murmur, just rotten teeth. She is so beautiful.


My final highlight of the week was of course the Toastmasters District 73 Semi  Annual Convention, Reach For Your Star which I attended Saturday. What a wonderful opportunity it was to be inspired and immersed in learning and even laughter. It was also great to meet so many interesting and delightful people. I took lots of notes and came away inspired to want to achieve more on my Toastmasters Journey. I was also proud of myself for my confident driving in an unfamiliar place. (I have a confession, I don’t like driving, I am highly anxious driver, and when I am driving somewhere unfamiliar, it requires my full attention. As for the lady on the GPS, her directions could have been a little more precise, and a lot more pre warning about what lane to be in. However overall she did well because I made to my destination, and home again.)

What was the highlight of your week?


Finally today after such a high energy days on Friday and Saturday, it seemed only right that Sunday be a low energy day. So lots of relaxing and reading. A perfect lazy Sunday. At the moment I am reading Gift From The Sea,  by Anne Morrow Lindbergh, what beautiful soulful wisdom this lady has to offer.

Arranging a bowl of flowers in the morning can give a sense of quiet in a crowded day- like writing a poem or saying a prayer.”~Ann Morrow Lindbergh 

Wishing you all a wonderful day!



Hot Summers Days

IMG_3810Oh I wish I could live near the beach, alas I live near a lake. There is something about the beach that says “Summer Days, come out and play!” The lake says ” I am here for you everyday!” Yet it just seems to hot for me to do either. I spend my days in the cool of the house, which is not that cool because it lacks air-conditioning. Early morning, and late evening seem the only time that is cool enough to venture outside. I do like to play in the evenings sitting outside under the trees enjoying the shade, siping on wine and enjoying some cheese and biscuits. Whilst I look forward to catching up with family for  dinner tonight. The days have been lazy this weekend, and I have been catching on reading a lot, doing my journalling, and watching movies.  I just go with the flow of the weather after all that is all that I can do. 

Five Tips for Hot Summer Days when you don’t have an air conditioner


  1. Drink lots and lots of cold icy water.
  2. Play outside mostly in the early morning and evening the cooler parts of the day.
  3. Close every thing up and keep it dark to keep the house cool, then in the evening open the house up to let the cool breeze in.
  4. Visit someone who actually has an air conditioner and enjoy socialising in a cool environment. 
  5. Enjoy the hottest part of the day by doing slow activities, read a book, listen to an podcast, catch up on your favourite tv shows, have a nap. Just indulge in slowing down and doing something restful.
 Whilst if you have to work I hope it is in a cool environment. When I work on these sorts of hot days, I don’t mind because at least I am in a really cool air-conditioned environment.

I know I should just get air conditioning, for years my husband and my self have been talking about it, we just have not made it happen. We complain about it on these hot days, I think it  is just  that the hot days don’t last, they come go, and we forget about them until the next summer.

Today I had some fun creating the above picture, just hoping to bring a little more colour and variety to my blog this year.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Fran Dishon

Fran Dishon

Where has my day gone?

Adventures of how a Happy Suburban Chick spent her day.

Me! A Happy Suburban Chick

It is 9:00 pm and I ask my self, where has the day gone? It dose not seem that long ago that I woke up and contemplated leaving my cosy bed. So what did happen today? What did I do? Who was I being?

Well I started my day off with reading at 6.00 AM when I awoke to this glorious sunny day. After all a Happy Suburban Chick nourishes her mind with reading. Then I got my boys ready for school and dropped them off. I was being Mum. After school drop of I did my journalling in my morning pages, that was to nourish me. Then back to school to check out my son’s project, once again being Mum. A Happy Suburban Chick always has time for her family. After that I went to the gym to do two classes a core work out and a Yoga class. A Happy Suburban Chick exercises her body in joyful ways. After that I came home and did some house work and more washing. Housework contributes to  creating beauty and comfort in the home. After my house work I wrote two blog post. That made me feel good and helps me to be a better person as I explore the things I love about life and the things I would like to Improve. A Happy Suburban Chick is always on a journey to be a better person. Then back to pick the children up from school. I have worked out I spend two hours on drop off and pick up of the boys from school. Always a social time picking the boys up from school get to have a chat with the other mums.  Then home to unwind. This afternoon Mr Serious made us lemon & lime spiders to drink, yummy!  I cooked tea,a healthy stir fry,and took my own advice from my previous blog post. I set the table with nice place mats, lit a candle, put some nice music and sat down and enjoyed a social meal with the boys. A Happy Suburban Chick makes time to create fond memories such as pleasant meal times together.
Then after cleaning up the dishes and helping with homework, we sat down and watch the news together. We don’t always watch the news together every night, however some important news was happening in the wold, such as Hurricane Sandy. Then sent Mighty Mouse to bed and am working on getting Mr. Serious into bed. Once again doing another post. Then I can do some more reading. In bed and asleep by 10:30 pm. A Happy Suburban Chick always tries to get enough sleep.
So that’s where my day went, it was the day I created and I am happy with that. It was balanced and enjoyable, and I got to be who I hoped to be.
Hope you create a great day for yourself where you get to do the things that are important to you and you get to be the person you want to be.