Spring Time!

2015-09-01 14.55.11

The first day of Spring and a gorgeous day to open all the windows and let the fresh air stream in.

A lovely day to attend a garden collage workshop at Heritage Hill.

Walking in the garden and sketching a picture.

Being inspired to create my own spring picture by a pot with a small green shrub and violets in it.

Enjoying the sunshine, the intense blue sky, my own garden, and some time to sit and journal.

I came across this beautiful quote:

 “I am going to try to pay attention to the spring. I am going to look around at all the flowers and look up at the hectic trees. I am going to close my eyes and listen.” ~Anne Lamott.

This Spring I will take time to look and listen.

Spring time a delightful time to go outside and play!

Wishing you all a wonderful day!



Farmer’s Market to Archibald Prize Exhibition.



This weekend I had nothing planed. I was still feeling tired, and couldn’t contemplate a full weekend. My plans was to  go with the flow. However I just hate wasting my weekends, as I work so many of them. Saturday morning was a late morning visit to the Farmer’s market, which including relaxing having a coffee and listening to the music. I also brought these lovely flowers, and  a few other things.





After a lazy Sunday morning sleep in, I decided I really wanted to do something with my day. The boys weren’t interested. I enjoy visiting art galleries. So I decided to go for an adventure by myself. I put my summer dress on and headed out, and for a while the sun was even shining. I ventured down to the  Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, to see the Archibald Prize 2014 Exhibition. This is an exhibition exclusively to portraits, and includes some very prominent Australian artists. It is so delightful to see the variety of creative ways they do these portraits from traditional to bizarre. I think what I love best is reading what the artist words about the person they chose and how they were trying to capture them in their work. I really enjoyed the exhibition.

After that I slowly walked through the Mornington Rose Garden. How lovely all those roses looked. I just sat there for a while so I could soak in all their beauty. It was a beautiful peaceful garden to take time out in and relax, and even smell the roses. Some of them smell real good.

It was a very enjoyable day. It was a day that left me feeling good, and uplifted.  A day for me an Artist’s date.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!




Frugal Artist’s Dates

coffeeThis week I took myself to the local library for my Artist’s Date. Often my local library will have library talks and demonstrations. These talks are often free and part of the library membership. They will invite guests to come and speak about what they do or books they have written. Many different topics get covered. The talk I went to was all about coffee, and was super informative, and included a demonstration on how to make coffee. I have a coffee machine at home, and have been making yukky coffees for many years. Basically I have been doing a lot of the wrong things. However now I have been  creating tastier smoother yummy coffees. I have been practicing everyday since the library talk, putting all the advice into practice. Most of all I have been relaxing and  enjoying a delicious coffee every morning which was made by me for me!

Whilst one of my favourite things to do is go on an adventure walk. I just pick a place and walk parks and streets and admire all the beauty I see. I often find a place to just sit and relax. A place to simply sit and dream. Dream about what a wonderful day it is, and what a lovely life I live. I also dream about projects I want to start, places I want to visit, activities I want to do, even meals I would like to cook. Having a quiet place to sit allows dreams to appear. I also notice whilst I am on my adventure walk I am more observant and curious. I tend to see more and wonder more. Life seems more vibrant and alive in these moments. I love my adventure walks!

restandsitI have also been enjoying playing with photo’s.  I now wish I had a better camera, however the only thing I can do at the moment is make the best of what I have. I have also been working on an Artist’s Date Pinterest Board, that has been a lot of fun too.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Me The Beautiful Fire Goat(Sheep) in 2014.




Today was my Artist’s Date, I took myself of to a library talk the Chinese New Year Horoscope and The Year of The Horse 2014. It was so interesting finding out about the Chinese calendar and how it is base on the lunar cycle. It was also a delight to listen to what the year of the horse had to offer. Things I learned was it was about taking action, moving forward and pushing boundaries.  For me it is about getting out of my comfort zone and embracing life to the fullest. It is about setting goals, making a plan and taking action. So when I got home from the talk, I got out my art journal, did a drawing of a goat, and penned all the wonderful notes I could about being a fire goat in 2014.

On top of all this I got a fortune cookie and it had this message for me:  Things will turn towards the bright side.

Life already feels like it is getting brighter and brighter each day, and I move forward with great optimism.

So this Year of the Horse 2014,  Take Action and Move Forward.

Wishing you all a wonderful Day!

Fran Dishon

Fran Dishon


Artist’s Date to Old Treasury Building

Old Treasury Building Museum.

Old Treasury Building Museum.

I love exploring, and it occurred to me I do not think I have ever been to the Old Treasury Building Museum. Exploring old buildings and history sounded like a good idea for an Artist’s Date.

It was free entry into the Old Treasury Building Displays.

It was free entry into the Old Treasury Building Displays.

It was a lovely building and had some special rooms inside. I spent most of my time exploring the Trams: Moving Pictures display. I love Melbourne Trams, the exhibition displayed some pictures of Trams from the ‘Transporting Art Program’, which apparently ran from the 1970’s to the 1990’s which saw selected artist’s turn Trams into public art works. They created some groovy looking Trams.


Then I had a look around found a little bit about the history of Melbourne and Gold. There was so much to see that I ran out of time.

It was also free entry into the Old Treasury Building Museum and I just did the self guided tour.

I so felt like a tourist. It was me, the tourists and all the school children. I love the idea of being a tourist in my own town. It then creates opportunities to see and explore so many more places of interest and buildings. It is also so informative and interesting. I loved the tram display it had a little bit about Trams and history, and the Trams and art was just great.    As part of learning when I was in school we went on excursions,  it reminded me I can still do that, I just have to make it happen.


One of Melbourne's Modern Trams

One of Melbourne’s Modern Trams

Have you been on an Artist’s Date recently? What did you do? Please leave a comment.



Old treasury Building : http://www.oldtreasurybuilding.org.au




A Walking Excursion.

Today I was curious, I have always wondered what is down the dirt road, so I decided to take time out for me and go on a walking excursion in my neighbourhood.

What is down this road?

What is down this road?

The footpath ran out, the suburban house came to a stop. I kept walking down a gravel road. It had gone from suburbia to almost rural. It seemed odd. It reminded me off what the area used to be like many years ago.

IMG_3291This is the Homestead Wetlands. I had no idea it existed. It just sits there for wildlife, birds and frogs. I could not find a way in to explore, it was surrounded by fencing and a locked gate.

I also came across a cattery and kennels. Small farm plots with house land, horses, cows, and ponies.

IMG_3293  As I walked down the gravel road and past these properties it felt uncomfortable.


It felt like I had escaped from the suburbs and had walked through a secret door into this hidden rural area. It was so peaceful and quiet. A rural area encampsualated by suburban houses around the edges of it.


It is hard to believe all this ruralness is hiding out here.

From the picture you can see the sky is dark and cloudy. No rain yet and the weather is quiet mild. It is a lovely day for a walk.


I came across the Buddhist Temple, I had always wondered were it was. I had seen Buddhist monks walking around the streets from time to time, and had been curious to know where they came from.


As I walked towards the suburban houses I came across this cow. I wondered  what would it be like to have a cow as your neighbour.

It had been a wonderful and interesting walk. I had discovered something new about my neighbourhood. I had for filled my curious desire to find out what was down that dirt gravel road. I hope this area stays like this forever. I hope it never gets swallowed up by all the suburban houses that surround it. It felt like I was in a totally different place as I walked down that gravel road. I like that it is hidden away in amongst all the houses.

I now wonder where can I go next? What other places can I discover?

Have you recently explored your neighbourhood? Did you discover any surprising places in your neighbourhood?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Happy Friday!


Artist Date~ The Ian Potter Centre

The Entrance

The Entrance

Last Thursday I decided to go into the city early so I could go on an Artist’s Date. I went to Federation Square in Melbourne, and spent a couple of hours admiring the art work at the Ian Potter Centre. Historically there were paintings that capture Melbourne in its earlier days, the more traditional paintings and landscapes. Then there were the more contemporary and abstract paintings. It is amazing to think that there have been so many amazing Australian artists and such a variety of work.


It was very special to see this original painting, it is one of my favourite Australian paintings. I have a print of it on my wall in one of my bedrooms. My print is nowhere near as beautiful as the real painting. There were so many interesting and beautiful paintings to admire.

Now back to the NaBloPoMo challenge.


 Today’s question is:   Talk about a tangible item you wish you had invented.

I always wish I had invented a walking frame with hooks and poles for IV poles, Urine catheters to hang off and drain tubes to hang on. So you could just hook every thing up to the walking frame and take the patient for a walk. It would save having to have one to two people plus the patient trying to squeeze through doors, tubes and lines getting all tangled, and it would free patients up to be able to be more mobile. It would just make life so much easier. I want access to state of the art walking frames. I don’t see myself inventing it, I am not a designer, I wouldn’t know where to start. I just know it is something I could use, it is something that would solve a problem.

This is another picture from my Thursday adventure which I took at Federation Square.


Wishing you all a great day!

My Monday Morning Expedition!



Monday morning was my Artist’s Date, this week I decided to explore The Victorian Artists Society gallery. I walked in off the street into a beautiful old building and asked if I could look around. I was in luck there was a photographic art exhibition on. It was interesting to look at and certainly gave me a different perspective of a different culture and also on the vast scope of what art can be. A photo has the ability to tell a story, make us ask questions, and wonder what it is we are being shown. That is what I loved about my Artist’s Date is that it made me see something new and different. Yes, I liked the photographic exhibition very much they were amazing pictures, of a Chinese city and it’s culture. I walked away feeling a buzz from doing something a little bit exciting.  When did you last go out exploring and what did you do? Please leave a comment.

The Victorian Artist Society

The Victorian Artist Society

My photos are not art, however they do express what I saw and experienced. They help me tell my stories. Although I would like to take better photo’s. I have fun taking them anyway.

Today was Yoga Tuesday, I really enjoy my Yoga class, it was so relaxing and energising.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day.

Gusto! My Artists Date

My artist date was in the city this week. Before going to work I decided to go out on  a little adventure to the State Library of Victoria.

I love the look of this majestically old building and how the stairs led all the way up to the entrance. Inside it combines its historical look with modern ascetics. It has enticing green lawns out the front and interesting statues.

The green lawns look a fabulous place to sit eat lunch and read a book.

I enjoyed looking at the statues.Walking around examining their beauty and historical significance.

This one is so cute.

I only walked into the entrance to notice the was a free exhibition on called Gusto! I just had enough time to gone in and look.

It was all about the culinary history of Victoria.

I am just one of those Victorians who loves food.

Here is a video that explains what the exhibition is about.

My favourite part was a picture of raw food which included a cute live rabbit and beautifully colourful vegetables.

I really enjoyed exploring the exhibition that used the different mediums of

and other items on displayed

to explain the history and cultural significance of food in Victoria.

It made me realise how lucky I am to live in a place so vibrant with variety of quality food and dishes.

I am one of those people who enjoys going to a cafe for food and eating out at restaurants experiencing different tastes and new dishes.

It was a yummy way to spend the morning which was followed by a busy afternoon/evening of work.

I also realised I had only seen a fraction of the State Library of Victoria and can not wait to go back and see more.

I am loving these excursions I go on and finding new places to experience and explore. It is so interesting and so much fun.

What excursions will you go on? 

Wishing you all a great day!

Frugal Artist’s Date ideas

Wow I have been busy with work and have missed a couple of post, so lots of catching up to do. I really enjoy reading the Artist’s  Way  and working through the book. So I thought I would just focus on one of her tools the Artist’s Date.
I enjoy going for my Artist Dates, this is one of the tools Julia Cameron encourages people to use, as a way of rediscovering ones own creativity.
An Artist Date is a date with your inner-artist, or your inner-child where you solely spend time with yourself. It is meant to be fun or simply something you enjoy doing. It is a bit like a play date with yourself. Then just take the time to listen to your inner voice, play  and  enjoy! Julia also talks about how we need to re-fill our wells. Sometimes I am so busy attending to others I forget to attend to me. Going on an Artist’s Date ensures I look after me and refill my well so I can continue to create a wonderful life.

Here are 10 frugal Artist’s Dates:

  1. Find a new park, walk around or through it and take photo’s, sit and read, have lunch, or even sit and write.
  2. Be a tourist in your local area, go see local sites look at them as you are seeing them for the first time, find out about the history of your local area.
  3. Op shops lots of fun looking for treasures
  4. Take yourself out to a nice cafe for a coffee/tea/drink and enjoy reading a book.
  5. Do art journalling, its lots of fun and you get to be creative
  6. Support the local art scene. Go to local festivals and events which are often free or very cheap.
  7. Take your self for a picnic
  8. Relax and take a long soaking bath, with candles and music (This is one I need to do.)
  9. Go visit a pet store and enjoy looking at the animals
  10. Browse craft shops, nurseries, and potteries and admire the creativity of others.(I think I would like to visit a nice garden nursery too>)

These are some of the frugal ideas I can think of for an artist’s date, I am sure there are plenty of more like just spend time on doing your favourite craft or getting messy with hand paints.  Please share your ideas I am always looking for new places to explore or activities to dive into.