Photography Bliss : Alfred Nicholas Gardens in the Dandenong Ranges


Wow! Magical, Picturesque, Amazing colours, these words all describe the Alfred Nicholas Gardens. These gardens are situated of Sherbrooke Road in the Dandenong Ranges. They are run by Parks Victoria now, and entrance is free.
I went at the end of Autumn and the Autumn foliage colours were just gorgeous. It not just the colours it is also the ornamental lake and boat house with a couple of small bridges that just make this place so picturesque. Whilst the gardens are surrounded by rain forrest. It is a delightful place for a walking adventure with a camera.  I was in my happy place taking lots of delightful photo’s.
This day was the perfect day, late afternoon and slightly cloudy for taking photo’s. I am a new hobbyist photographer and are still learning how to navigate the settings of my DSLR camera and take good photo’s. All I know is I need to get out there and practice and take a lot of photo’s. This place makes it easy to take pretty photo’s because it is just so delightfully beautiful.

You can discover the Alfred Nicholas Gardens for yourself by going to Dandenong Ranges,  Sherbrooke Road, Sherbrooke, Victoria. Admission is free, and the photography opportunity is great. To find out more go to Parks Victoria’s site. 

This post has been inspired by the Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 11, which I have been encouraged to share some photo’s. This year I am also sharing a picture a day on Instagram, which are mostly iPhone photo’s, because that the camera I always have with me.



Wishing you all a wonderful day!




Beautiful,Peaceful Alfred Nicholas Gardens

ImageThis weekend on a beautiful Autumn day we visited the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens in Sherbrooke in the Dandenong Ranges. Picnic areas, open grass areas, and lovely walking tracks. Entry was free. Autumn leaves vibrant in colours made the gardens totally picturesque. The day was a little cool and we needed to rug up, however the walk was quiet steep at times, so we soon warmed up. The best was down the bottom of the gardens.It was a lovely ornamental lake, with gorgeous bridges to walk over. On the day the lake was covered in autumn leaves and just looked magical. There was also a little boathouse. Mighty Mouse knocked on the door however no one was home. It had lots of beautiful areas to check out, I totally recommend going in Autumn because it was a spectacular sight with the colourful Autumn leaves. Although I think it would be a gorgeous place to visit in spring and summer to have a family picnic.

I can not believe I never knew about these gardens before, all these years I been visiting the area and going for walks, and never knew about this treasure. Since starting this blog, I have made an effort to search for and research about interesting places to visit near to where I live. I have found so many treasures, and it has made life so much more colourful and exciting.

Finally today I visited the local library to listen to live music being performed. It was on the classical and folk music style. However it was totally delightful to watch them perform with their instruments and listen to their music.

A totally delightful weekend!

What delightful events or places did you experience this weekend?

Wishing you a delightful week ahead, may it be full of happy surprises