Fabulous Friday



Yes it is Fabulous Friday, the day I go to Sh’Bam, where I exercise-dance-probably look like an uncoordinated hippo trying to impersonate a dancer and failing miserably. For an hour I feel like a young zestful groovy dancer whose inner star has been released. The music stops, I leave the gym and turn back into sweaty, unglamorous Fran.

Once again I have neglected this blog. It’s imperfection has got to me, it’s messiness has made me wonder what is it all about. I thought I would touch base, and let you know what I have been doing.  I have started a new blog, Journaling and Walking at https://frandishon.wordpress.com  which will be about my love and exploration of Journal Writing and also my Adventure Walks.

I have enjoyed this blog, it has helped me to create more happiness in my suburban life, and enjoy my home more.

These days I am more than happy to be a home body, enjoying my comfy house and delightful back yard. However I do have a confession, my mother gave me some lettuce plants a couple of weeks ago, just water them she said, and I did. They are dead, shrivelled up, brown stumps sticking out of the ground. Whilst in my vegetable patch I have some stunning variety of weeds growing. The strawberry plants are thriving, which the birds are enjoying as they consume every strawberry ensuring I don’t get to taste any of them. Finally the tomato plants produced 5 glorious red tomatoes, for four plants and are now almost as dead as the lecture. Obviously I am not a gifted gardener.

Today is a wonderful blue sky hot day. So I thought I would share a tip for cooking on hot days, set the slow cooker up out side, and that way you don’t have to worry about heating up the house.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!



Lavender Essential Oil And Its Uses.


Lavender a common and useful essential oil. Going back to my earliest memories lavender has been in my home, and has always been a comforting essential oil for me.
I picked up some books flicked through the pages as I hoped to find out a little more information about my favourite go to essential oil lavender. I am a novice when it comes to essential oils, however I have come to enjoy using them and finding ways in which they improve my daily living.
Lavender has some useful properties which are as follows:
  • Antidepressant
  • Antiseptic
  • Balancing
  • Calming
  • Healing.
Lavender has been my go to essential oil in times of stress or difficulties sleeping. I love  lavender infusions drifting throughout the house, lavender baths and a few drops of lavender on my pillow which leave me feeling calm and relaxed. I have enjoyed lavender soaps, talcum powers, and body lotions over the years.Lavender pillows have filled  my drawers and been spread throughout the house, contributing to a calming relaxing atmosphere in my home. For years I have loved using lavender, and have found it an affordable essential oil to purchase.
Lavender is good for treating insomnia just put a few drops of lavender on some cotton wool and place it in your pillow slip, this works well.
Lavender also has a reputation for being useful for the  nervous system, as it helps to balance the  nervous system, relieves emotional stress and anxiety, and can assist with depression. This is because lavender has properties that balance emotions, as well as calming emotions.
Lavender is also very good for headaches especially if you use it when you feel a headache coming on, I usually dilute a drop of lavender oil into some carrier oil for example almond oil and rub it into my temples, this helps to relieve the headache.
Lavender is also good to have in the first aid kit, it has antiseptic and healing properties. So it can be used on scratches, cuts, bites and wounds. I didn’t realise this, so I have not used it for this purpose. 
Lavender is wonderful for self-care you can put a few drops in your bath, or even use lavender based body products. Lavender is good for healing damage skin and inflammatory skin conditions, as well as give you a sense of calm and relaxation. I am always careful to put essential oils into a carrier oil such as almond oil, or mix a few drops in a natural base body lotion. Always test a small skin test patch for allergies, with the diluted essential oil in the carrier oil or lotion before using more liberally. 
Lavender can be use to bring about a calming and relaxing atmosphere to your home. This can be done through infusing it in an oil burner, lavender bags around the house, lavender growing under your windows, and also lavender candles.
Lavender has many more uses. As I mention earlier on I am not an expert in the use of essential oils, just an interested novice who loves to use them.
Some useful books are  as follows:
  • Change your mood with aromatherapy by Denise Whichello Brown
  • Aromatherapy and your emotions- How to use essential oils to balance body and mind,  by Shirley Price
  • Aromatherapy- A complete guide to the healing art by Kathi Keville and Mindy Green
  • Aromatherapy by Chrissie Wildwood
  • Calm Kids a guide to natural therapies for children by Jennifer Jefferies.
Please share what your favourite essential oil is and why, and what circumstances you use it for?
Wishing you all a wonderful day!
Disclaimer: I am only a novice in the use of essential oils, I have no expertise in this area and the informational is from my own personal experience and research from books. Always be cautious when using essential oils and beware of any side effects. 

The Yearly Review! 2014

I chose this picture because I just love the vivid red colure of the flower. Beautiful!

I chose this picture because I just love the vivid red color of the flower. Beautiful!

Yesterday I took some time out to pen my yearly review in my journal. Unfortunately it was an  unremarkable year and no where as sparkly as I would have liked it to have been. It was one of those years where life got in the way, or more likely I let it get in the way. It was what you call a mediocre year. I certainly enjoyed my year, however I didn’t achieve a lot. So here are some of the interesting musings of the year I noticed:

  • It was a relaxing year, I diligently made an effort not to over commit. I also purposefully sort out time during my day to relax.
  • I was proud of the work I put into my volunteer roles.
  • Continued to attend my Toastmasters group give speeches, take on roles, and attended events.
  • I enjoyed doing lots of online courses, and continuing to learn.
  • My family embraced the Friday night movie night, and we enjoyed a family day outing at least once a month.
  • I went on two family holidays Philip Island and Sydney, both full of exploring and having fun.
  •  Little Miss Popularity and myself went on lots of walking adventures.
  • I continued to work part-time in my regular job.
  • I re-joined the gym and got back into Yoga and Sh’bam classes which I just loved.
  • I continued with my blog, and hopefully improved the quality of my images, this is one of the things I did purposefully try to do over the year.
  • Did oodles of journaling, and wrote in my journal most days.
  • Did way too much housework, especially cleaning up after other people.( This has to change)
  • Finally got my fire blanket hanging on the inside of my kitchen pantry door.
  • Got outdoor comfy chairs to relax on, relaxed a little too much.


In 2014 I successfully slowed down and enjoyed life, especially spending time with my family and dog.


It is an interesting exercise reviewing the year, and one that I recommend, so get out your journal and explore 2014, what was it for you?


The dog is sleep soundly snoring her head off as I sit here writing this post. The year is almost complete, with a New Year ready to begin. I have started penning my goals for the year ahead. What I hope for in the following year is to be focused on my goals and taking actions to move towards them, and doing this on a consistent basis.

Happy New Year to you all,

May 2015 be an amazingly good year!



Christmas Time Musings!


The Shopping Centre was immersed in the sound of Christmas carols, and swamped in a visual display of Christmas decorations. It really looked and felt like Christmas time. Whilst there was a business as people rushed around buying gifts with great excitement and enthusiasm. For me I was in search of Grimlock, some Transformer toy. Finally I found it. The Christmas shopping is now completed.

The Christmas cards have been posted out, I spent Sunday night with a glass of wine, my Christmas cards, and penned out best wishes to family and friends.

Finally keeping with tradition we finally completed making the Christmas piñata this year, a Christmas Reindeer piñata, packed with lollies ready to be busted open Christmas afternoon


All the food is brought, now all there is too do is prepare for Christmas dinner, which will be celebrated with family at home this year.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and may your big dreams come true in 2015!


Christmas Shopping Madness.

christmas tree

Christmas shopping madness has begun. I love buying presents for my family, it is such a lovely thing to do. Being a little technophobic I am not really  good at online shopping, it is just too overwhelming for me. So I go to the busy shops.  However I really hate shopping, it is hard work and a chore. Shopping centers possess an energy sucking super power which sucks the life force out of its victims, which includes me. It is the overwhelm of noise, loud obnoxious noise which irritates me.  Then the overload of smells, especially lingering from the food court, which mingle together creating a collection of confused smells. Then the business of people, the crowds that hustle and bustle, and who inadvertently invade my personal space. Finally the visual stimulation of colours, lights, lights, and more lights, plus stuff. I hate being overwhelmed with all the stuff. I seriously have enough stuff, however shops have a way of convincing me that more is required, that I will never have enough , and what stuff   I do own just happens to be  old and worn out so it obviously needs replacing. It is not retail therapy it is retail torture. The good news is I did gets some of my Christmas shopping done. However I am exhausted from it and  what  I really needs is Pandol for my headache and a nap to get over all that shopping.

So I have instigated some strategies this year to help me deal with Christmas Shopping Madness.

  1. I get someone else to do my online shopping for me. (My hubby is really good at this.)
  2. I go the first thing in the morning while it is still quiet, do what I have to do, and get out quickly.
  3. I remain focused and know what I want and where to get it. Also I focus on quality not quantity. That way I only have to buy one good present and not a heap of little presents.
  4. I make sure I am stocked up on Panadol, that way I quickly get over my shopping headache.
  5. I have my go to gift shop for teacher gifts and Kris Kringle  each year, which includes having them beautifully wrapped.

So what tips do you have for coping with Christmas Shopping Madness ? Please leave a comment.

So for me I will be trying to stay away from the shops and indulge in as little retail torture as possible.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!




Fabulous Friday!




Fabulous Friday!
Hope you are all having an amazing day! Are you making plans for the weekend?
Whoo Hoooo it is Friday!
I have some wonderful plans in place.
I am excited about movie night with the boys. It is a cold cloudy overcast summers evening,
perfect for being curled up on the couch with the fluff ball dog and watching a movie.
Saturday night is even more exciting, a night out at a birthday party. It is so amazing I get to be a social
butterfly for the evening.
As for lazy Sunday, no plans have been put in place. It will be a go with the flow sort of day.
Wishing you all an amazing weekend!

Write Everyday! December Challenge.

Write Everyday

She was woken out of a heavy sleep by the shaking of the house and bed. It was an earth tremor, and a huge wake up call as she contemplated her life.  Her life had become stale and stuck. She was contented, grateful for everything that she had. She was even happy at times. Yet something was missing, some juiciness , some daringness, and some action in fact a lot of action was missing. She would constantly write the words ‘ I think’, ‘I wish’, ‘If only” and ‘I hope’ in her journal pages. She had forgotten how to be, and to do. Things were about to change; she decided she would do something different, she would actually write each day of December. It didn’t mater what she wrote as long as it was something. Soon the words poured out onto the page. Most of it was crap, but how she enjoyed her time writing such crap.


My challenge for December is to write everyday in my Evernote pages, it doesn’t have to be good work, the words just have to make it onto the page. It is about establishing a practice of writing.


My motto for the month, will be just do the work.

Wishing you all an amazing day!



Just do the work

How Do You Make People Feel?


Today I have heard this quote from several different people.

“ I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”~Maya Angelou

It is like the universe is trying to make a point.

“Focus on how you make people feel”

So I have been wondering about that throughout the day.

How do I make people feel?

Then I pause to wonder how do I want to make people to feel?

Good, happy, loved, listened too, important, respected, motivated, inspired, positive feelings anyway.

So before I say or do anything I will pause and ask this question

how do I want people to feel?

What are your thoughts about this quote? Please leave a comment.

Wishing you all a wonderful Day!


The Art Of Creating A Good Life!

Amazing Friday
Doing my best to enjoy my day. I love Friday regardless of whether the weekend is a work weekend or a weekend off. I have dedicated Friday to being a delightful wind down day. Starting off with the Friday morning party class Sh’bam, where I can just loosen up and dance away any stress. It leaves me feeling energised and happy. Such a up beat and groovy way to start the day. The final wind down comes after picking the boys up from school. Then I come home and relax and wind down. So here I am outside, sipping wine enjoying a sunny afternoon, which will be followed by a casual dinner, just pasta tonight, and then a movie. I love that Friday night is movie night, we usually all  curl up on chairs in the lounge and watch a movie together as a family. I purposely set Friday up to be a relaxing and enjoyable day and evening. It is often sandwiched into the business of the week, so it often allows for some rejuvenation. This to me is the art of creating a good life. Whoo Hoo! I love just relaxing Friday evenings, it is so nice.
I am always looking for ways to create a good life, so please share, what things in your week help to create a good life?
Wishing you all a ridiculously amazing Friday!

Why I Love Suburban Living (And You Should, Too!)

suburban serene
I grew up in the suburbs and loved all that space to play in my own backyard. I love the gardens, cubby house, backyard cricket, the backyard swimming pool were the neighbourhood kids gathered many days. The places to ride my bike, and the freedom to walk around to friends houses. My childhood days seemed full of adventures each day, there always seemed something to do, something to play and someone to play with.  To me my suburban upbringing seemed full of neighbours I knew, and children to play with, it seemed safe and supportive. Maybe that is what has drawn me to living the suburban life.
  • I love that the suburbs are buzzing with community and interests groups to join. I love my Toastmasters group and  I also belong to a ladies group which explores lots of places in the suburbs and some awesome places to eat.
  • I love my space, my big house and open space living, that my boys have a room of their own, that it is quiet and peaceful, and most of the time I don’t hear my neighbours or traffic.
  • I love that their is a smorgasbord of playgrounds and parks to explore, and the streets are full of front yards to admire, and enjoy.
  • I love that I am surrounded by lots of dogs, the suburbs are great for dogs, that get to enjoy the backyard and walks with their owners in the park. My suburban area is a real doggy spot, there are always people out walking their dogs. It can get really busy mornings and evenings with people walking, running and riding bikes.
  • I love that there are a great choice of good schools, libraries, swimming pools, bowling alleys, gyms, and picture theatre. Lots of things to choose from. Convent shopping centers, and lots of places to eat. Maybe I am just lucky but there is not shortage of restaurants and cafes to eat around here. I love the hidden away places like the sculpture gardens and gallery, the homestead cafe, and park with the lake.
  • I love how the shopping centre across the road put a playground and seating in, I am so jealous I wish it was there when my children were younger, and most times it is a buzzing place for parents and children. Not to mention a few cafes to choose from, and a place to sit. At least some effort has been made to make it a social place.
 It doesn’t have to be boring burbs it can be social suburbs. I  really love living in the suburbs, and I just wish suburbanites speak out on how good suburban living can be, and that we work together to make it better and better.