Save the Devils

Save the Devils

Whoops I missed Wednesday, I really just don’t know where all my time has gone, and it feels unreal that it is already Thursday.  So tonight I am off to Toastmasters and I will be doing an informative speech, which will be all about the Tasmanian Devil. I love Tasmanian devils and have to agree with my son, they are so cute. It is sad that they are on the endangered list. You see Devil Facial Tumour Disease has drastically decreased their numbers. It is a contagious cancer which is spread from devil to devil from biting. Devil’s often bite each other when mating and group feeding. Despite the fact that they sound aggressive and have a huge strong jaw full of very sharp teeth, they are not really that aggressive. Most of it is to avoid a fight especially when feeding plus they solitude and shy animals. Unfortunately this disease causes growths on the mouth and face and results in Tasmanian Devils experiencing a horrible death of starvation or organ break down.  Sightings of Tasmanian Devils have decreased by 85% and it is estimated that they could be extinct from the wild by 2050. I have been to Tasmania to see the devils, I have also seen them in several of the zoo’s in Victoria. This year our family adopted a Devil as part of the Victorian Zoo endangered animals programme.

I am so cute!

I am so cute!


Even though it is Thursday I thought I can still do Jamie Ridler’s Wishcasting Wednesday at, this weeks question is: The sky is wide open what do you wish for? 

My big wish is for a vaccine to prevent Devil Facial Tumour Disease and save the endangered Tasmanian Devils from extinction. I just love Tasmanian Devils, they are my favourite Australian Native Animal.  They really are so cute!





Clear a Place for Beauty!

It is Wonderful Wednesday, and time for Wishcasting Wednesday by Jamie Ridler at Today’s question is: What do you wish to clear?

Tidal River

Tidal River

The beauty of this picture and the beauty of experiencing this place tells me that I want to clear out the ugliness in my life. I want to clear out all the negative emotions like anger, envy, judgement and worry, so that I can bring more joy, peace, love,acceptance and happiness into my life. I want to clear the ugly stuff out of my house and cupboards so that I can slowly replace them with beautiful items. I want to clear out all the clutter from my house so I have more clear spaces for energy to flow freely. I want to clear out all the negative thoughts in my mind and replace them with positive inspiring thoughts. I want to clear out all the bad TV watching and replace it with more reading of wonderfully creative and inspiring books. I want to choose to live a beautiful life!

May the skies be clear and the  sparkly stars shine brightly tonight!

May your wishes all come true.

Wishing you a beautiful day or evening.


Regards Fran

A Summer Wish

It is Wonderful Wednesday, and time for Wishcasting Wednesday by Jamie Ridler at Living in the Southern Hemisphere my question is: What is your Summer wish?

Woodside Beach Vicforia

Woodside Beach Victoria.

I love summer time, January is the summer school holidays, and the boys are off for the whole of January, my husband and myself have also got some holidays in January. So lots of family time. Also January is so relaxing it that time of year of sleeping in late, and late summer evenings. That time of picnics, trips to the beach and BBQ’s with family and friends. It that time of year were we spend lots of time outside in the backyard and garden. It that time of year I get to wind down and just chill out. So my wish for summer is for all of the following:

  • Evening walks around the lake or  along the beach.
  • Trips to the beach, crashing through waves, splashing and having fun.
  • Music and picnics in the park, may the rain and wind stay away on these evenings.
  • BBQ’s with friends and family.
  • Finding new interesting places to go to,  like Point Nepean, and Heritage Hill Museum.
  • Wearing summery girly dresses.
  • Remembering to put my sunscreen on so I don’t get sunburnt.
  • Spending time out in the garden making it beautiful
  • Growing juicy yummy tomatoes and eating them
  • Having ice creams and spiders, yummy
  • Spending lazy afternoons reading books or listening to music.
  • Nature walks on a warm evening looking for wildlife, but not snakes, I don’t like snakes.
  • Having time of work to enjoy time with my family.

I really love summer time, and all the wonderful experiences I get to have during this time, it is the most social and relaxing time of the year.