It is not that exciting! Suburban living.

fullsizeoutput_15c8Just another ordinary day, with the highlight being a walk around the lake.  It is a fine Winter’s day, a coat day because it is cold outside. Days like today just are not that exciting.   As part of the Ultimate blog challenge today I am to share blogs that I am reading.  Well I am tired and want to go to bed so I have only one to share.

Today  I have decided to just let you know about a Suburban online  social network to connect with your neighbours and find out what is happening in your neighbourhood it is called Nabo 

Nabo is an Australian social network where you can sign up and is relatively new but is growing. I love that it is suburban focused.

A great blog post on the site  to check out is How to fall in love with your neighbourhood again.

I love its suburbia feel and how it focuses on suburban living.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!




Fun Things To Do In Winter.

Morning walk on a Winter’s Day!

Winter, you make it so cold and dark outside. Really all I want to do is curl up on the couch and keep snug and warm. Whilst that is nice for a little while, I know I could be enjoying life more. I have to push myself to enjoy these Winter’s Days. This is my question: What are fun things to do in Winter?

Here are some of my ideas:
1. Cooking Adventures: Winter is a perfect time, to put the music on, put the oven on and start experimenting with new exciting dishes.

2. Reading time: What better time to snuggle in bed reading a book, or to simply curl up in an armchair with your book. I only have a heater, it would be so nice to have a

3. Go to the movies, It is warm, snug and even exciting. I love movies they are an awesome indoor activity.

4. Going out to restaurants and cafe’s, just catching up with family and friends.

5. Make a commitment, it doesn’t matter how cold or wet it is, I go out in the evenings to attend my Toastmasters club.

6. Coats I love my coats, being warm is important. I good selection of coats lets me dress for different occasions and still stay warm. It also helps me to rug up and go for a walk.

7. Sunday drives places still look pretty in Winter, and you can always stop somewhere for a warm coffee.

8. Finally winter festivals, exhibitions, and events. I check out local papers, what’s on websites like Weekend Notes, and local council calendar of events to see what is on in my area.

9. Do an online course or class and learn something new.

However I know I still like to stay tucked away inside, hibernating on my warm couch with the heater on, and the warm cup of tea in my hands. Here I am in search of fun things to do in Winter, to bring more energy and excitement into those Winter Day’s.

What fun things do you like to do on Winter’s Days?

So what are some fun things you like to do on Winter’s Days? Please leave a comment. The more ideas we have the better our Winter Days will be.

Wishing you a wonderful day!


Your Home Is A Reflection Of Your Personality!





My home is a reflection of me. It oozes the need for order and space, with a space for quiet reflection or play for each of us to go to and have our alone time. We are family of individuals who cherish are alone time and space, except for the dog, she needs constant companionship. It is light and spacious, with a relaxed furnished look. Traditional but comfortable. It is quiet, sometimes you wouldn’t know I have two teenage boys living here. It is so peaceful and quiet. It is not just quiet noise wise, it is also quiet in the way it looks, lightly furnished, clutter minimised, still it is filled with the things we love. Many rooms express the users personality, the study is all my husband the desk a working space with stuff everywhere. My youngest sons room all about animals, he loves animals. My older son clean and minimal, with clothes hangers on the floor, and the wardrobe open. He is the serious one and going through that teenage stage, he is in-between waiting to complete his space to reflect his personality more. My room is the lounge room its floral curtains and patterned floral chairs. The use of crochet blankets, and purple blankets, wooden furniture not all matching, my candles and the scattering of books, Ofcourse there is a tv sometimes l don’t like it, but I do enjoy my comfy space to sit with hubby and enjoy a movie in the evenings. Our home and living spaces are a reflection of who we are as a family.
I went in search of ideas to inject more of my own personality into my home, and these are the five strategies that found to be the most useful for me.
Yes I am still on that journey of making my home a happier place to be. So here are 5 tips for infusing your own personality into your home as follows:
  1. Fill it with things,  that make you happy.
  2. Use your favourite colours and patterns, scatter them throughout your house
  3. Choose furnishings that reflect your lifestyle.
  4. If you are a clean and orderly person, have some clean and orderly spaces in your home to hang out in, and allow other individuals to have their messy spaces. As long as each person has a space of their own that they are comfortable in.
  5. Start editing, get rid of the things you don’t use, and get rid of the things that you just don’t like, this will make room for the things you love.


What could your home tell you about yourself?
How can you inject more of your own personality into your own home?
Wishing You All A Great Weekend!

Bookshelf Review~ Living The Savvy Life.



I have books all over my house; I love the feel and touch of real books. I love the convenience and portability of my Kindle. I just love reading books, and learning new things. I also enjoy reading a book to simple relax, be entertained and to keep my imagination busy. This got me thinking, it would be fun to add my favorite readings to the blog, so this will be a new addition to my blog, which I hope to do on a regular basis. This already excites me so let’s get started.


 Review of the book: Living the Savvy Life by Melissa Tosetti and Kevin Gibbons

I am currently reading a book called Living the Savvy Life by Melissa Tosetti and Kevin Gibbons. It is mostly focused on money management for women. The Savvy women’s philosophy is “of saving money on the things that aren’t as important to you so you so you can afford to spend money on the things that are most important to you.” Page 30. An example of this in the book is cutting down on several average meals a week, by cooking more meals at home and then having the savings to spend on going out to a real classy restaurant and enjoying a quality meal and experience. I chose that example because I could relate to it. I notice that I often go out and end up having very average or below average takeaway meals. It would make more sense to pack a picnic lunch and have the joy of putting the money towards a really good night out or lunch at a restaurant. The book also gives examples of saving in other areas of spending, and using the savings towards a travel goal. So it is about making quality spending choices in the area of the things and experiences you really want in your life.


It also gives good quality advise like spending less than you make, saving 20percent of your income, paying yourself first, and paying your bills on pay day.

It encourages the reading to really look at spending habits by tracking their spending and take a realistic assessment of where they are currently. It encourages people to set some financial goals, for example savings, or big purchases like a home, or even travel. It is a good idea to set goals, actionable steps and to set a dead line time. The writer suggests we spend our money on the things we love. This is not always easy because we can be lured into buying things we don’t want or need by advertising and even by what we think we are expected to have like a new car, when all we need is a reliable car, and would much sooner travel somewhere each year.

There are also lots of tips on ways to save money in different areas. Some examples are as follows:

  1. Home: take care of what you have~ Finding ways to make cleaning more fun like playing your favorite music, turning it into a mini workout and rewarding yourself for completing the job. I also add make your own natural cleaners, which will smell, better and be more friendly to use.


  1. Entertainment: Take advantage of free community events such as festivals and music in the park, often even children’s or family days in your city . ~Check local newspapers, council web sites, and community boards for these.


  1. Wardrobe: If you love fashion you could set up a spending budget for it~ The idea of allocating a certain amount of money towards the fashion contents of our wardrobe. This can also include planning purchases and thinking about quality core basics that last for years.


  1. Food: Develop cooking skills~ This could be trying to make one new dish a week, and taking advantage of all the great free recipe resources that are out there. I like this idea because with practice cooking nice inexpensive dishes becomes easy and enjoyable. It is also a way to be creative in the kitchen.


It also provides a chapter with questions so as you can identify your own saving’s goals. This is a great book about managing your money, making savings, and taking charge of your own lifestyle by choosing to spend money on the things and experiences you love.


Personally I loved the mindset it encourages, which is you can afford to live the life you love, by being more mindful about spending plus more purposeful in how you manage your money. It has encourage me to think more in terms of quality and less stuff, saving for holidays, and saving for the future, and watching for those areas where I waste money on things or experiences that just are not that important to me. Mostly it reminds me not to compare myself to others, rather to focus on what my finance goals are to create the life for family and myself that we want to live.

 What have you been excited about reading?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Fran Dishon
Fran Dishon



Walking Adventure!

Where dose this gate way lead to?
Where does this gate way lead to?

Another walking adventure! Where does the footpath lead in my suburban streets? What places will I discover? Well it was a cold,crisp, sunny winters day. The streets were very quiet. Little Miss Popularity my walking buddy was so excited, her nose in a sniffing frenzy, her tail wagging away. I took a different path hoping to discover something new. Like always being willing to discover led me to a new place. I walked past different house, I discovered a variety of gardens. I enjoyed the beauty of many of these gardens, there are a number of suburbanites out there who can turn their front gardens into an artistic beauty. As I wandered down the footpath I came across a new park, another hidden beauty.

Hidden amongst the trees.
Hidden amongst the trees.

I imagine coming back here one warm sunny day and just hiding in this place, writing to my heart’s delight.

A place to rest
A place to rest

On the way I found a place to rest. To just sit and think. To just sit and take in all the beauty. I wondered why no one else was out and about. Why no one else was here, it appears everyone is too busy to come and enjoy this suburban park surrounded by houses. Or have us suburbanite’s lost our appreciation for the beauty that this park offers. It it were in the city, it would be covered with people taking time out to grab some sunshine and eat their lunch.

A shady place for mums to sit whilst children play in this hidden play ground.
A shady place for mums to sit whilst children play in this hidden play ground.

This treasure offers a place to sit, it resides next to a hidden play ground. I wonder what wonderful conversations parents could have with other parents. What wonderful concerts young children could perform. What beautiful relaxing quiet moments this place could offer. Such wonderful possibilities. For me, on this day it offered a wonderful quiet place to sit, relax and contemplate. A place I would love to revisit, especially since it is only a short walk away from home.

My walking adventures continue to show me what wonderful delightful beautiful public places exist that are practically right under my nose. However like many people I have spent years not willing to venture out of the box which is my home. My home is beautiful but an abundance of beautiful places exist just beyond its boundaries. My life is so much richer and abundant for discovering them.

I encourage you to go on your own walking adventures and make new discoveries in your neighbourhood.  I would love to here about what discoveries you have made on your own walking adventures.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Poem about Suburbia

Welcome to Suburbia

Welcome to the suburban way of life

Its only living when you do it right

You wear the right clothes

And you feel like the person you’re supposed to be

It’s almost as if they were all the same really

Walking step by step

Along the line that I can never see

Never see the line to join it

You say focus on the good bits

The bad bits are all I see

If her face was the sky there would be a rainbow now

And if mine the same, a raincloud frown resides

Left Left Left Right Left

Roman numerals marking each step

leaving reality behind as you march

forward for robots, all that’ll suffer is your mind




Welcome to Suburbia

Welcome home

(Author:Katy Louise Pitcher, UK)

Sometimes it seems so hard to break away from this image. However I strive for my individuality, creativity and a move towards change. Sometimes the suburbs are just the boring burbs, where the same old same old, happens.Whilst I hate it how everyone thinks the first sunny Sunday is the best day to mow their lawns, think I will just sit out side, enjoy the sunshine, read a book and have a wine. Hopefully the noisy cars won’t drown the chirping birds out.

It has been a wonderful weekend spending time with family and relaxing at home.