Ten Blessings of the Week.



It is Sunday and another week has passed. I am tired after a big day out with my son at a University Open Day. So many courses, and possibilities, he has a lot to think about and consider his future in the next year or two. Now I sit in my cozy armchair, relaxing on a Sunday night, reflecting on the week that has just gone. It seems like time has sped up, and whizzes past so quickly these days. Here are my Ten Blessings of the Week.

I am blessed for my morning journal time, that quiet time, where I light my candle and just spend 30 minutes filling the pages of my journal.

I am so blessed to be able to open the windows and let the fresh air blow in a couple days this week.

I am so blessed for to be able to sit and rest and enjoy a nice hot cup of tea.

I am so blessed for family time together to celebrate my mother’s birthday.

I am so blessed to attend my Toastmasters group and enjoy a wonderful celebration of Cranbourne Toastmasters 30th Birthday.

I am so blessed for date night with Hubby, for a voucher to a very nice restaurant to enjoy a delicious special meal. Luxury.

I am so blessed for a beautiful bunch of flowers that sits on the kitchen table and lights up the room with natures delight.

I am so blessed for so much laughter and good times in my life,

I love rainy evenings when I am in bed, and I love sunshine beaming through my living room window on my kitchen table during my day. I felt blessed to have both this week.

I am feeling so blessed for camellias blooming in my garden adding colour to my dreary winter’s days.


Wishing you all a wonderful day!





Ten Blessings Of The Week


Busy working the weekend and enjoying life. Here are my ten blessings of the week:
1. Feeling blessed for waking up to frothy espresso coffees thanks to hubby and the new coffee machine.

2. Feeling blessed for creating amazing yummy healthy meals thanks to Aussie Farmers Fresh box and recipes.

3. Feeling blessed for great music to bring me joy each day, listening to the best of Josh Pyke and just loving it.

4. Feeling blessed for my exercise bliss, now that my back is feeling better, back to Yoga Tuesday, and Friday Sh’bam classes.

5. Feeling blessed for rainbows, thanks to rain and the sunshine, just magical.

6. Feeling blessed for a fluffy puppy follower, who follows me around and spends hours sitting close to me.

7. Feeling blessed for Friday family movie night, and family dinner
enjoying a great time hanging out together.

8. Feeling blessed for walks around the lake spotting ducks and seagulls.

9.Feeling blessed for journal time at the local library and replenishing my book supply.

10. Smiles, laughs, lots of things to simply laugh and enjoy every day.

What are your ten blessings for the week?


Ten Blessings of the Week



Sunday night and I am taking a moment to reflect on what I feel blessed for this week. I feel it is important to take the time to appreciate all that is good in my life, as the days and weeks could go by without me noticing.

This week 10 blessings are as follows:

1. I am feeling blessed to be able to access friendly and helpful people when submitting in my son’s complex forms.

2. I am feeling blessed to be in good health and able to enjoy my life.

3. I am feeling blessed for a cold chilly weekend, blue skies and fine days and no rain.


4. Feeling blessed for a wonderful dinner meeting for the start of my Toastmasters Club new year.

5. Blessed with the arrival of a coffee machine, and all the yummy coffees I have been enjoying since it arrived.

6. Feeling blessed that my football team Geelong won on the weekend. Go Cats!

7. Feeling blessed for my Husband cooking dinner for me Saturday night and buying me some nice crisp white wine to enjoy with a lovely meal.

8. I am blessed for books for adding wisdom into my life and opening my mind to expanding possibilities

9. I am blessed for music for lifting my spirits and giving me hours of enjoyment.

10. I am blessed for a weekend off, it great to have time off when the rest of my family has time off. It great to be able to spend a weekend together. Appreciating weekends off.


Sunday  afternoon drive to Gembrook in the Dandenong Ranges  and for coffee and cake.

Reflect. What are your Ten Blessings of the Week?

Wishing you all a wonderful day.



Ten Blessings Of The Week



Ten blessings of the week, this is something I have been doing a number of years now. I believe it is important to have a attitude of gratitude. Ten blessings of the week is something that helps me practice gratitude.

I love this quote because I think this is an important part of being a Happy Suburban Chick. “I don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness – it’s right in front of me if I’m paying attention and practicing gratitude. ” By Brene Brown. It is more about noticing the special moments in the ordinary, and being appreciative to what is already present in our lives.

This week 10 blessings are as follows:

1. The biggest blessing of them all was seeing Mighty Mouses specialist, who suggested surgery be postponed, he is allowed more time to grow, and they try and get it all done in one go. Oh, how one operation sounds so much better than four.

2. Once again my local library is feeding me a steady supply of books for my reading addiction. Feeling blessed that I have access to a wonderful resource place the local library.

3. Winter is here bringing rain, and cold mornings and nights, I am feeling so blessed to have a collection of coats and umbrellas to keep me warm and dry.

4. Feeling blessed for cold nights at home, curled up in a cozy armchair reading books or watching tv with hubby. These winter’s nights I love staying home and being a warm contented homebody.

5. Blessed to listen to great music and cooking yummy meals.

6. As much as I dread going to the dentist, I am grateful to be able to afford to go to the dentist and get a check up and dental clean for my teeth. It uncomfortable, I often anxious, and I know it keeps my teeth cleaner, stronger and likely to last longer.

7. I am blessed for family lunch and celebration of my brothers birthday. It is lovely to have a family tradition of celebrating birthdays together.

8. I am blessed to have a lovely Sunday morning sleep in. It was so cold outside lovely to have extra time under the covers with a good book.

9. I work a lot of weekends so I was feeling blessed to enjoy a weekend off to relax, spend time with family and catch up with friends.

10. I am blessed to have a fluffy doggy, Little Miss Popularity to follow me around and spend time curled up next to me on the couch in a nice warm room.


Reflect. What are your Ten Blessings of the Week?

Wishing you a wonderful day!


It is cold outside!

Quote: “Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.” ~Edith Sitwell