Spring Time!

2015-09-01 14.55.11

The first day of Spring and a gorgeous day to open all the windows and let the fresh air stream in.

A lovely day to attend a garden collage workshop at Heritage Hill.

Walking in the garden and sketching a picture.

Being inspired to create my own spring picture by a pot with a small green shrub and violets in it.

Enjoying the sunshine, the intense blue sky, my own garden, and some time to sit and journal.

I came across this beautiful quote:

 “I am going to try to pay attention to the spring. I am going to look around at all the flowers and look up at the hectic trees. I am going to close my eyes and listen.” ~Anne Lamott.

This Spring I will take time to look and listen.

Spring time a delightful time to go outside and play!

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


Christmas Shopping Madness.

christmas tree

Christmas shopping madness has begun. I love buying presents for my family, it is such a lovely thing to do. Being a little technophobic I am not really  good at online shopping, it is just too overwhelming for me. So I go to the busy shops.  However I really hate shopping, it is hard work and a chore. Shopping centers possess an energy sucking super power which sucks the life force out of its victims, which includes me. It is the overwhelm of noise, loud obnoxious noise which irritates me.  Then the overload of smells, especially lingering from the food court, which mingle together creating a collection of confused smells. Then the business of people, the crowds that hustle and bustle, and who inadvertently invade my personal space. Finally the visual stimulation of colours, lights, lights, and more lights, plus stuff. I hate being overwhelmed with all the stuff. I seriously have enough stuff, however shops have a way of convincing me that more is required, that I will never have enough , and what stuff   I do own just happens to be  old and worn out so it obviously needs replacing. It is not retail therapy it is retail torture. The good news is I did gets some of my Christmas shopping done. However I am exhausted from it and  what  I really needs is Pandol for my headache and a nap to get over all that shopping.

So I have instigated some strategies this year to help me deal with Christmas Shopping Madness.

  1. I get someone else to do my online shopping for me. (My hubby is really good at this.)
  2. I go the first thing in the morning while it is still quiet, do what I have to do, and get out quickly.
  3. I remain focused and know what I want and where to get it. Also I focus on quality not quantity. That way I only have to buy one good present and not a heap of little presents.
  4. I make sure I am stocked up on Panadol, that way I quickly get over my shopping headache.
  5. I have my go to gift shop for teacher gifts and Kris Kringle  each year, which includes having them beautifully wrapped.

So what tips do you have for coping with Christmas Shopping Madness ? Please leave a comment.

So for me I will be trying to stay away from the shops and indulge in as little retail torture as possible.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!




A delicious place to journal and enjoy the day!


The school committee has been attended, and it finally feels time to wind down and relax. I head off to the local park, find a place to sit, enjoying the clear blue sky, gorgeous views, gentle breeze, and a peaceful place to rest.
I open my journal and allow words to pour onto the page. Occasionally I am distracted by a couple walking hand in hand, or school children in the distance singing badly, or a couple of ladies gossiping on a chair during their break, or a magpie looking at me as I sit on my chair. It feels so peaceful and relaxing to sit and listen to the singing of the birds, or simply feel the occasional gentle breeze of the wind against my skin  amongst the stillness of the day.
After my journaling, I find a cafe. I relax into a cushioned deck chair, under a big shady umbrella, overlooking the roses and playground. The cafe is buzzing with life on this gorgeous sunny day. I sit enjoying a decadent ice coffee, enjoying ever mouthful of it.
A yummy delicious afternoon. I think to myself, I really do underestimate how good my life really is.
Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Bushwalking to Bushrangers Bay, Visiting the Vet, Toastmasters and Lazy Sunday, Oh what a week!


Bushrangers bay walk



Tuesday was Melbourne Cup Day, and a great excuse for a family day. We went for a long, long scenic drive down to the picturesque Cape Schanck. This has to be one of my favourite day trip escapes. Cape Schanck is known for its light house, however my favourite thing is to wander along the scenic walk to Bushrangers Bay. This walk through the tea trees along the cliff tops provides the most amazing view of the coast, rocks and sea. Whilst walking along the bush track I was delighted by the variety of bird sounds, they were like a sweat musical bird orchestra. My only fear was it was a beautiful sunny day, with a pleasant breeze, and I walk with a vigilance watching out for snakes. It was a perfect day for snakes to venture out and sun bake on warm bush tracks. Luckily I didn’t see any, although a couple warned us they had just seen one on the left of the track up ahead. I was so relieved that it had decide to slide away back into the bushes. When I made it to the end of the walking track there was a climb down quiet a number of steps. Easy going down, slower and harder going back. I enjoyed a lovely picnic lunch on the beach with my family with my feet massaging the sand whilst I looked out on the most serene view. I can only say I love this place, it is a beautiful haven for people to picnic, explore and play.


BS Cape SchanCk_1257



However the week has not been all play unfortunately Little Miss Popularity had to undergo an anaesthetic at the Vet, to clean her teeth and have a tooth extraction, she is recovering well. It made me seriously think about pet insurance. Pet health care is so expensive these days, and as she is family to me, I want the best for her, well maybe not the best, I mean the best basic pet care for her. I just want her to be comfortable and healthy. The only problem is she is one of those breads that seems to have a list long of problems. So I guess I should be grateful that she doesn’t have a heart murmur, just rotten teeth. She is so beautiful.


My final highlight of the week was of course the Toastmasters District 73 Semi  Annual Convention, Reach For Your Star which I attended Saturday. What a wonderful opportunity it was to be inspired and immersed in learning and even laughter. It was also great to meet so many interesting and delightful people. I took lots of notes and came away inspired to want to achieve more on my Toastmasters Journey. I was also proud of myself for my confident driving in an unfamiliar place. (I have a confession, I don’t like driving, I am highly anxious driver, and when I am driving somewhere unfamiliar, it requires my full attention. As for the lady on the GPS, her directions could have been a little more precise, and a lot more pre warning about what lane to be in. However overall she did well because I made to my destination, and home again.)

What was the highlight of your week?


Finally today after such a high energy days on Friday and Saturday, it seemed only right that Sunday be a low energy day. So lots of relaxing and reading. A perfect lazy Sunday. At the moment I am reading Gift From The Sea,  by Anne Morrow Lindbergh, what beautiful soulful wisdom this lady has to offer.

Arranging a bowl of flowers in the morning can give a sense of quiet in a crowded day- like writing a poem or saying a prayer.”~Ann Morrow Lindbergh 

Wishing you all a wonderful day!



Farmer’s Market to Archibald Prize Exhibition.



This weekend I had nothing planed. I was still feeling tired, and couldn’t contemplate a full weekend. My plans was to  go with the flow. However I just hate wasting my weekends, as I work so many of them. Saturday morning was a late morning visit to the Farmer’s market, which including relaxing having a coffee and listening to the music. I also brought these lovely flowers, and  a few other things.





After a lazy Sunday morning sleep in, I decided I really wanted to do something with my day. The boys weren’t interested. I enjoy visiting art galleries. So I decided to go for an adventure by myself. I put my summer dress on and headed out, and for a while the sun was even shining. I ventured down to the  Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, to see the Archibald Prize 2014 Exhibition. This is an exhibition exclusively to portraits, and includes some very prominent Australian artists. It is so delightful to see the variety of creative ways they do these portraits from traditional to bizarre. I think what I love best is reading what the artist words about the person they chose and how they were trying to capture them in their work. I really enjoyed the exhibition.

After that I slowly walked through the Mornington Rose Garden. How lovely all those roses looked. I just sat there for a while so I could soak in all their beauty. It was a beautiful peaceful garden to take time out in and relax, and even smell the roses. Some of them smell real good.

It was a very enjoyable day. It was a day that left me feeling good, and uplifted.  A day for me an Artist’s date.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!




Suburban Treasure!


I love going on an adventure walk and discovering a new suburban treasure! As I walked through an adjacent estate look what I found. A magnificent park with this spacious delightful picnic and bbq area. This would be a treat of a place to get together with friends or neighbours.

IMG_0664A place to sit and have a picnic, a place to sit and journal, a place to sit and chat. A place to get together with friends.


A place to let the children run wild and play, a space for them in the playground. A great place for parents and kids to hang out.

IMG_0666A grand entrance, a beautiful dramatic stairway down to a grand undercover picnic area. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has had their wedding photo’s here. Would be perfect for family photo’s not to mention imagine how fit you could get running up and down these stairs.

IMG_0679A lovely quiet place to sit and reflect, I like this little spot I could imagine myself sitting here reading a book. In fact I am sure I will revisit this spot with book and journal to spend a few delightful hours.

IMG_0672More places to sit and enjoy the day, there are seats all around this park. It just invites you to sit and spend some time in this lovely place. I could hear it calling me to sit, breath, and simply slow down. Plenty of birds chirping way in the trees and flying around.  IMG_0684Finally a work of art dramatic and bold. I imagine it to say “Stop, take notice of this space, take notice of its beauty, you are invited to rest and play here. Stop! This park is here for you to enjoy!”

Today I stumbled onto a suburban treasure, one that I will be revisiting to rest and play myself.

So go for a walk and discover what suburban treasures are in your neighbourhood.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Spring Time, Secret Garden, and Farmers Market.



I just love Spring, and today was  a beautiful sunny Saturday morning, that was just so enticing I had to get up and take the boys on a little adventure. Mr. Serious and Mighty Mouse would just love to spend there days playing video games and watching You Tube.  Today we ventured out the door, and walked to the local Farmers Market.

I just love how Farmers Markets have become so popular in the suburbs these days, they are just bursting with positive energy, and good produce. I love that we can buy locally grown and made foods.  We walked around, soaked in the lovely atmosphere, enjoyed a hot chocolate for the boys, and a coffee for myself in the playground area, at a picnic table. We bought a number of items, an angus pie, hazelnut and chocolate tart and fresh strawberries for dinner tonight. I also brought some lovely tomato plants for the veggie patch, as I am looking forward to home grown tomatoes this summer.

A lovely surprise we fell upon was the Secret Garden, myself and the boys went on a relaxing walk through the garden, and even enjoyed playing some naughts and crosses.

Is there a wonderful new place that you could discover in your Suburb? Little gems are hiding everywhere, you just have to get out and start looking around. You never know what you might discover.


Weekend Plans:

I am feeling very, very  tired at the moment, so this weekend will be full of relaxing activities like the Farmers market and secret garden, and enjoying the simple things in life like reading a book and enjoying a family dinner. I also plan to do some gardening.


What are your weekend plans?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


Reviewing September Adventures. Planing October, With The Theme Enjoying Life!

Sydney Holiday, visit and tour of Government House. Beautiful Sunny Sydney!

Sydney Holiday, visit and tour of Government House.
Beautiful Sunny Sydney!

I looked back on my journal notes today and I noticed I penned to ‘seek out more adventures’, in September. It was certainly a month full of activities and adventures. How fast this September has gone, it has been full of:
  • Education, with me attending a two day nursing course.
  • Being more involved with school council and fundraising day.
  • Being involved in Toastmaster activities, judging and organising a contests for my own club.
  • Reading wonderful books on my kindle.
  • A wild and wonderful adventure to Sydney for a short sunny holiday.
  • Attending gym and doing more exercise, regular journalling and guided meditations.
  • Completed my Writing For The Web Course.

Looking forward to October, with lots of things planed such as:

  • Ultimate blog challenge for October( Getting back into my blogging)
  • Becoming a Confident Trainer course
  • Being involve in a speech craft course for my Toastmaster club, and also having a fun night to promote my club and invite visitors too.
  • Being involved with my son’s school
  • Getting back into my weekly Artist’s Dates and playing more
  • Enjoying longer days with daylight savings commencing this Sunday.

This month in my journal I have put ‘Enjoying Life’, as the theme above the page. I think it is the thought of longer days and the hope of more sunshine and sunny warm days in this up coming month of October, that promises  enjoying life more. To get outside and play more, to read my books out under the pagola, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee outside, and to get out into the garden all sound delicious things to do. Also you may have noticed I have been struggling with my blogging, I am hoping a little push from doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge will get me back into the habit of writing. I do love my blog and I am not ready to give it up, it certainly needs some more attention.

Back to my suburban day, washing on, ironing done, and now to organise and cook some dinner. Although I have enjoyed the hour curled up on my chair in the lounge as I created this blog post. It is all part of ‘Enjoying Life’.
Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Magical, Adventurous, Fun, Weekends.


Weekend happiness, so magical and full of possibilities my weekend days can be.
Due to working so many of my weekends(thanks to nursing), they are extra special when I get them off.
It feels good to know that there are two wonderful days to fill up with fun adventures and relaxing activities..
Out of all the days in the week the Saturday and Sunday are ones that I like to make sure are full of the things I love.
Many of my weekends have been wasted, I have not used my time so magically, rather I filled it up with dull unimportant activities like siting on my computer or doing housework(Yuk!)
Not this weekend Saturday night was a family party for Mum, hip hip hooray for Mum’s Happy Birthday!
Sunday was family day, well more like family afternoon, we slept in and then Mr. Serious cooked us egg and bacon rolls for Brunch.
Then we ventured into the city to visit the Immigration Museum which was a history lesson and gratitude lesson in one.
My husband and I found it very informative, however we had to do a lot of reading. The boys they were happy to watch the interviews on the screen, however too lazy to read anything.
After that we wandered along South Gate, found a restaurant that sells yummy pizza, and enjoyed a lovely early dinner.
Mighty Mouse found a brochure for the Eureka Skydeck, telling us how he really wanted to go there. He wants to go to the very top, he is not scared at all, he is going to the very top he tells us. He gets his brochure folds it up and puts it in his pocket. I having a feeling it will be coming out the next time we ask him what he wants to do.
 We asked the boys what they thought about the day, well pizza was the best bit, I must admit it was really nice pizza.
Another weekend has gone, this time I did not waste it. It was wonderful, magical and included a great adventure into the city.
These days I try to plan my weekends, so they are just as enjoyable as I wish them to be.
To help plan weekends I usually have a list of things I want to do or places I would like to go. I also keep an events calendar for each month. I usually put in events and festivals,and  local events, that I might want to experience.
Don’t let the weekend slip by. Plan something, make it special even if it is a movie or a picnic.
Do something!
Make weekends special.
Wishing you a wonderful day!
Immigration Musuem

These Cold Days We Need A Strong Excuse To Get Out And Play.

polar bear_0197

Wet, cold and all rugged up, off for a long drive to Montalto Vineyard & Olive Grove  for the Abundance olive festival. It was freezing cold, but at least the rain stayed away for a while. We went for a walk along the sculpture walk, sat out side alfresco to have pizza and wine, enjoyed the delicious tastes and some nice back ground music. The place was a live a buzzing with people, not what you expect on a cold winters day. I think these cold days we need a really strong excuse to get out and play.
It is one of those cold wintry days, when the only thing I want to do is stay under the doona cover and keep deliciously warm and comfortable. The rain is gently falling outside, and it’s sound is sort of comforting. I stay in bed way to long, using the time to listen to podcasts and keep warm. Eventually I get up and have breakfast for lunch. 
It is a dark cold winters day, and the rain has stopped. The sky remains blanketed in dark grey clouds. I venture out with Mr. Serious and go for a walk around the lake. With purple hat and scarf and a think black coat I feel rugged up and warm. The air is icy cold, and feels damp, the air smells damp and earthy. The foot path is still wet and damp.  The grass is wet and squishy, with drops of water settled on the blades of grass, shimmering in the light. The houses look deserted, and quiet, the footpath deserted and quiet. Occasionally we come across someone going for a walk or run. Th There are more ducks out of the water, than in the water. It is so quiet you can hear the birds tweeting away. In the distance the clouds look are blue black, and the day seems darker than it should be. As I walk I notice the stillness and quietness. I wonder where everyone is, then I think they must be hibernating inside. I return home feeling more energised, warmer and feeling good for having moved my body. However now it is late afternoon, the days has mostly gone and I have not done anything constructive.  Well I will post this blog post, and read blog posts on things to do on weekends. Then watch some television. I watch way to much television during winter. 
Wishing you a wonderful day!