Ten Blessings Of The Week!


Today is such a cold Winter’s grey sky day. School holidays continue and the boys just don’t want to get out of their beds. I am enjoying the slow pace, and relaxing way time is spent during the holidays. It is a time of rest and rejuvenation. Certainly my teenage boys take that to mean sleeping in until lunchtime.

Once again I have my Ten Blessings of the previous week, which are as follows:

  1. I am so blessed that my dentist appointment  was moved forward a couple of weeks. I have broken part of my tooth and was relieved to get a quick dentist appointment.
  2. I am so blessed that the dentist that treated young Mighty Mouse was so kind and patient, and helped him deal with the strange sensations of the equipment in his mouth. It was also good that his teeth were clean and in a healthy condition.
  3. I am so blessed to come across a free writing course on Coursera so I can learn more writing skills and improve my writing.
  4. I am so blessed for a adventure to the movies with the boys and see Inside Out. It was a lovely uplifting positive movie.
  5. I am so blessed that I found a place to buy discounted movie tickets, which made going to the movies affordable.
  6. I am so blessed that I got to go out on a Saturday night with Hubby, and no children.It good to have some adult time.
  7. I am blessed for the relaxing Friday night, dinner, wine and a movie with the boys.
  8. I am blessed for all the wonderful music I have to listen to that makes me feel so good.
  9. I am so blessed for the time I spent with my family having lunch on Sunday afternoon.
  10. Finally I am blessed for heating and a blanket to wrap around me keeping me so I keep snug and warm, and my journal to escape in.

I am so blessed that my son  Mr. Serious now makes me cups of teas and brings them to me in the lounge, so I can sip on them as I write my blog.

Quote of the week: “Fill your life with tiny and large adventurous moments.” -SARK

What were your Ten Blessing of the Week or Day?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!



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