Ten Blessings Of The Week.



Life is full of happenings and joyful adventures, with a few challenges and days of hard work. So I have taken some time to reflect on the previous week and come up with ten things I feel blessed for.

  1. A lovely adventure walk in nature surrounded by suburbia, and yet it was so beautiful for the entire time I was there it was easy to forget that I was in suburbia.
  2. I enjoy a number of soulful painting classes, where I created a terrible painting however I totally enjoyed the process.
  3. I enjoyed going to my son’s school term work expo, and it was good to see his class project and celebrate.
  4. I loved burning candles and playing relaxing music.
  5. Movie night with Mighty Mouse, I so love Alice In Wonderland.
  6. My weekly yoga class, it is so relaxing and also so energising.
  7. Completing another speech from my speech manual for Toastmasters.
  8. I was delighted that Hubby cooked my breakfast on Sunday before I went to work. It was so yummy.
  9. Fresh Sheets, I just love them, they feel so good and resulted in the best nights sleep.
  10. Finally my boys for making their beds in their sort of boy way. Good enough to make happy.

Adventure walk June

Reflecting of my blessings in the previous week always reminds how good my life really is.

Now I am looking forward to this week. It is school holidays so I am sure to get up to some fun things with the boys.

What were your ten blessings of the week/day?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!



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