Fabulous Friday



Yes it is Fabulous Friday, the day I go to Sh’Bam, where I exercise-dance-probably look like an uncoordinated hippo trying to impersonate a dancer and failing miserably. For an hour I feel like a young zestful groovy dancer whose inner star has been released. The music stops, I leave the gym and turn back into sweaty, unglamorous Fran.

Once again I have neglected this blog. It’s imperfection has got to me, it’s messiness has made me wonder what is it all about. I thought I would touch base, and let you know what I have been doing.  I have started a new blog, Journaling and Walking at https://frandishon.wordpress.com  which will be about my love and exploration of Journal Writing and also my Adventure Walks.

I have enjoyed this blog, it has helped me to create more happiness in my suburban life, and enjoy my home more.

These days I am more than happy to be a home body, enjoying my comfy house and delightful back yard. However I do have a confession, my mother gave me some lettuce plants a couple of weeks ago, just water them she said, and I did. They are dead, shrivelled up, brown stumps sticking out of the ground. Whilst in my vegetable patch I have some stunning variety of weeds growing. The strawberry plants are thriving, which the birds are enjoying as they consume every strawberry ensuring I don’t get to taste any of them. Finally the tomato plants produced 5 glorious red tomatoes, for four plants and are now almost as dead as the lecture. Obviously I am not a gifted gardener.

Today is a wonderful blue sky hot day. So I thought I would share a tip for cooking on hot days, set the slow cooker up out side, and that way you don’t have to worry about heating up the house.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!




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