The Yearly Review! 2014

I chose this picture because I just love the vivid red colure of the flower. Beautiful!

I chose this picture because I just love the vivid red color of the flower. Beautiful!

Yesterday I took some time out to pen my yearly review in my journal. Unfortunately it was an  unremarkable year and no where as sparkly as I would have liked it to have been. It was one of those years where life got in the way, or more likely I let it get in the way. It was what you call a mediocre year. I certainly enjoyed my year, however I didn’t achieve a lot. So here are some of the interesting musings of the year I noticed:

  • It was a relaxing year, I diligently made an effort not to over commit. I also purposefully sort out time during my day to relax.
  • I was proud of the work I put into my volunteer roles.
  • Continued to attend my Toastmasters group give speeches, take on roles, and attended events.
  • I enjoyed doing lots of online courses, and continuing to learn.
  • My family embraced the Friday night movie night, and we enjoyed a family day outing at least once a month.
  • I went on two family holidays Philip Island and Sydney, both full of exploring and having fun.
  •  Little Miss Popularity and myself went on lots of walking adventures.
  • I continued to work part-time in my regular job.
  • I re-joined the gym and got back into Yoga and Sh’bam classes which I just loved.
  • I continued with my blog, and hopefully improved the quality of my images, this is one of the things I did purposefully try to do over the year.
  • Did oodles of journaling, and wrote in my journal most days.
  • Did way too much housework, especially cleaning up after other people.( This has to change)
  • Finally got my fire blanket hanging on the inside of my kitchen pantry door.
  • Got outdoor comfy chairs to relax on, relaxed a little too much.


In 2014 I successfully slowed down and enjoyed life, especially spending time with my family and dog.


It is an interesting exercise reviewing the year, and one that I recommend, so get out your journal and explore 2014, what was it for you?


The dog is sleep soundly snoring her head off as I sit here writing this post. The year is almost complete, with a New Year ready to begin. I have started penning my goals for the year ahead. What I hope for in the following year is to be focused on my goals and taking actions to move towards them, and doing this on a consistent basis.

Happy New Year to you all,

May 2015 be an amazingly good year!




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