Christmas Shopping Madness.

christmas tree

Christmas shopping madness has begun. I love buying presents for my family, it is such a lovely thing to do. Being a little technophobic I am not really  good at online shopping, it is just too overwhelming for me. So I go to the busy shops.  However I really hate shopping, it is hard work and a chore. Shopping centers possess an energy sucking super power which sucks the life force out of its victims, which includes me. It is the overwhelm of noise, loud obnoxious noise which irritates me.  Then the overload of smells, especially lingering from the food court, which mingle together creating a collection of confused smells. Then the business of people, the crowds that hustle and bustle, and who inadvertently invade my personal space. Finally the visual stimulation of colours, lights, lights, and more lights, plus stuff. I hate being overwhelmed with all the stuff. I seriously have enough stuff, however shops have a way of convincing me that more is required, that I will never have enough , and what stuff   I do own just happens to be  old and worn out so it obviously needs replacing. It is not retail therapy it is retail torture. The good news is I did gets some of my Christmas shopping done. However I am exhausted from it and  what  I really needs is Pandol for my headache and a nap to get over all that shopping.

So I have instigated some strategies this year to help me deal with Christmas Shopping Madness.

  1. I get someone else to do my online shopping for me. (My hubby is really good at this.)
  2. I go the first thing in the morning while it is still quiet, do what I have to do, and get out quickly.
  3. I remain focused and know what I want and where to get it. Also I focus on quality not quantity. That way I only have to buy one good present and not a heap of little presents.
  4. I make sure I am stocked up on Panadol, that way I quickly get over my shopping headache.
  5. I have my go to gift shop for teacher gifts and Kris Kringle  each year, which includes having them beautifully wrapped.

So what tips do you have for coping with Christmas Shopping Madness ? Please leave a comment.

So for me I will be trying to stay away from the shops and indulge in as little retail torture as possible.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!





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