The Art Of Creating A Good Life!

Amazing Friday
Doing my best to enjoy my day. I love Friday regardless of whether the weekend is a work weekend or a weekend off. I have dedicated Friday to being a delightful wind down day. Starting off with the Friday morning party class Sh’bam, where I can just loosen up and dance away any stress. It leaves me feeling energised and happy. Such a up beat and groovy way to start the day. The final wind down comes after picking the boys up from school. Then I come home and relax and wind down. So here I am outside, sipping wine enjoying a sunny afternoon, which will be followed by a casual dinner, just pasta tonight, and then a movie. I love that Friday night is movie night, we usually all  curl up on chairs in the lounge and watch a movie together as a family. I purposely set Friday up to be a relaxing and enjoyable day and evening. It is often sandwiched into the business of the week, so it often allows for some rejuvenation. This to me is the art of creating a good life. Whoo Hoo! I love just relaxing Friday evenings, it is so nice.
I am always looking for ways to create a good life, so please share, what things in your week help to create a good life?
Wishing you all a ridiculously amazing Friday!

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