A delicious place to journal and enjoy the day!


The school committee has been attended, and it finally feels time to wind down and relax. I head off to the local park, find a place to sit, enjoying the clear blue sky, gorgeous views, gentle breeze, and a peaceful place to rest.
I open my journal and allow words to pour onto the page. Occasionally I am distracted by a couple walking hand in hand, or school children in the distance singing badly, or a couple of ladies gossiping on a chair during their break, or a magpie looking at me as I sit on my chair. It feels so peaceful and relaxing to sit and listen to the singing of the birds, or simply feel the occasional gentle breeze of the wind against my skin  amongst the stillness of the day.
After my journaling, I find a cafe. I relax into a cushioned deck chair, under a big shady umbrella, overlooking the roses and playground. The cafe is buzzing with life on this gorgeous sunny day. I sit enjoying a decadent ice coffee, enjoying ever mouthful of it.
A yummy delicious afternoon. I think to myself, I really do underestimate how good my life really is.
Wishing you all a wonderful day!

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