Take Time Out To Sit And Rest!


relax and rest


This week I have noticed how tired I am, so dreadfully tired. My body has been demanding that I take time out to rest. Yet I have been feeling guilty about my lack of productivity. Life so fast these days, sometimes I am scared to stop because their might be too much catching up to do. Or worse still take time out to rest; oh no that is just being super lazy. Well my body is demanding I laze about and rest.


My wake up call came yesterday! The universe showed me its wisdom. Firstly I ran into a lady who was so tired, she stated she was tired, she looked tired and I could feel her tired energy as I stood beside her. Secondly another lady was telling me how being stressed had resulted in her illness, she has been unwell for weeks now. Finally my Mum told me I sounded tired on the phone, she can always tell those sorts of things. So I listen, because pushing through the tiredness is only going to make me sick and unhappy. No I don’t want to be the Unhappy Suburban Chick, so I had better rest and relax.


I breathe in———– rest.

I breathe out———- relax.


It is sometimes a struggle for me to say no to things. A struggle to balance obligations and those things I want to do. Sometimes it a struggle to accept that I am so imperfect, that I have flaws, and that I struggle with year 8 Mathematics. Mr. Serious told me I don’t know much. These days I go about my content with my imperfections, and try to and enjoy my ordinary everyday life. These days I acknowledge the importance of taking time out to rest.


I enjoy my armchair, I enjoy my music, I enjoy reading and sipping cups of tea and I enjoy my guided meditations. Sometimes I enjoy simply sitting and gazing out the window. Sometimes it is a walk in the park. If I choose I can always find a way to stop, and find time in my day to rest and relax.


Wishing you all a wonderful day!



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