Suburban Treasure!


I love going on an adventure walk and discovering a new suburban treasure! As I walked through an adjacent estate look what I found. A magnificent park with this spacious delightful picnic and bbq area. This would be a treat of a place to get together with friends or neighbours.

IMG_0664A place to sit and have a picnic, a place to sit and journal, a place to sit and chat. A place to get together with friends.


A place to let the children run wild and play, a space for them in the playground. A great place for parents and kids to hang out.

IMG_0666A grand entrance, a beautiful dramatic stairway down to a grand undercover picnic area. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has had their wedding photo’s here. Would be perfect for family photo’s not to mention imagine how fit you could get running up and down these stairs.

IMG_0679A lovely quiet place to sit and reflect, I like this little spot I could imagine myself sitting here reading a book. In fact I am sure I will revisit this spot with book and journal to spend a few delightful hours.

IMG_0672More places to sit and enjoy the day, there are seats all around this park. It just invites you to sit and spend some time in this lovely place. I could hear it calling me to sit, breath, and simply slow down. Plenty of birds chirping way in the trees and flying around.  IMG_0684Finally a work of art dramatic and bold. I imagine it to say “Stop, take notice of this space, take notice of its beauty, you are invited to rest and play here. Stop! This park is here for you to enjoy!”

Today I stumbled onto a suburban treasure, one that I will be revisiting to rest and play myself.

So go for a walk and discover what suburban treasures are in your neighbourhood.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


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