Taking Back My Agenda!


Tuesday morning? No;  I am not available, I have an arranged appointment that I have committed too.
Do you ever feel like other people try too dictate how you spend your day? By the time all those appointments, meetings and errands go in, it is like wow what happen to my day. Well I have gone back to putting the things I love to spend my time doing back into my calendar, they are now very important appointments. This way I am not tempted to change my agenda unless it super important and absolutely must be attended to at that time. I still feel a little guilty putting yoga or sh’bam down as an appointment, however I really enjoy doing these things. Plus if they are on the calendar I am not tempted to change them or cancel them. I am taking back control of my agenda, and spending time doing more of the things I love. 
Wishing you all a wonderful day!

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