Spring Time, Secret Garden, and Farmers Market.



I just love Spring, and today was  a beautiful sunny Saturday morning, that was just so enticing I had to get up and take the boys on a little adventure. Mr. Serious and Mighty Mouse would just love to spend there days playing video games and watching You Tube.  Today we ventured out the door, and walked to the local Farmers Market.

I just love how Farmers Markets have become so popular in the suburbs these days, they are just bursting with positive energy, and good produce. I love that we can buy locally grown and made foods.  We walked around, soaked in the lovely atmosphere, enjoyed a hot chocolate for the boys, and a coffee for myself in the playground area, at a picnic table. We bought a number of items, an angus pie, hazelnut and chocolate tart and fresh strawberries for dinner tonight. I also brought some lovely tomato plants for the veggie patch, as I am looking forward to home grown tomatoes this summer.

A lovely surprise we fell upon was the Secret Garden, myself and the boys went on a relaxing walk through the garden, and even enjoyed playing some naughts and crosses.

Is there a wonderful new place that you could discover in your Suburb? Little gems are hiding everywhere, you just have to get out and start looking around. You never know what you might discover.


Weekend Plans:

I am feeling very, very  tired at the moment, so this weekend will be full of relaxing activities like the Farmers market and secret garden, and enjoying the simple things in life like reading a book and enjoying a family dinner. I also plan to do some gardening.


What are your weekend plans?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!



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