Finding Happiness And Relating It To My Suburban Life!

Today I ventured out in my car to go to my body balance class, only to be stopped in my tracks by roads grid locked with traffic. It all seemed too overwhelming and I sensed I was going to miss my class, so I turned the other direction and headed back home. Although disappointed, I noticed it was a bright blue sunny spring day. I opened my windows, to let the gentle breeze make its way through the house. I sat in the lounge chair all curled up with a hot cup of coffee, and watched a movie I had been hoping to see for some weeks. Finding Happiness  this is a story about a small community called Ananda that live by the philosophy that simple living and higher thinking produces the highest happiness. Ananda is a community created by Swami Kriyananda.
My big take aways were as follows:
  • Happiness comes from within.
  • Live  in a way that is focused on what can I give to the world rather than what can I get from the world.
  • People are more important than things.
  • The presence of beauty is always uplifting consciousness.
  • Happiness comes from living with kindness and love.
  • Meditation wakes up the pre frontal lobe, the positive focusing part of the brain.
  • See everything you do as an act of service from the dishes you wash at home, to the work you do for a living. Everything we do is important and requires our attention.
  • Live to be happy, then you will find things that make you happy, and be kind to people when you are kind to people you will be happy
If anything it confirmed happiness comes from within and comes from having an attitude of what can I give, not what can I take. I love the philosophy of simple living and higher thinking. This movie also re-affirmed how valuable meditation can be, and I loved the yoga. It was a story about a beautiful community that certainly knew the secret to happiness. I only wonder how best to apply the principles to my suburban life. It certainly made me think to slow down and take ten minutes to just sit in silence. The power of silence, the first thing I always notice is how fast my thoughts are racing around in my mind. It feels good to slow the mind down, and let things go. I love my yoga and could do a little more of it, and even add affirmations to my postures so as I am working with my mind as well. I can certainly work on being kind to others, and open to seeing the good in them. I can savour the beauty around me especially the  beauty of nature, and the beautiful sounds of music. I have a lovely relaxation/meditation play list that I often listen to. Mostly everyday I will start my day with an attitude of living to be happy and reframing my focus on thoughts of how can I give to this world.
Wishing you all a wonderful day!

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