Sunday Musings



Lazy Sunday, so I had to have some fun making a crazy image to put in this post. Ok is pathetic but it was awesome fun playing with colours, I think I need more practice and time with this new tool.

Yes lazy Sunday morning, but not lazy Sunday day, off to work I go again, so it is just another work day for me.

It is also the beginning of Day Light Savings so I had to put the clock back one hour. Oh I am missing that hour this morning.

This morning I didn’t do that much, I enjoyed a sleep in, or maybe it wasn’t a sleep in, it could have just been making up for the hour I lost at 2am.  Anyway I enjoyed my visualisation, and did my weekly review for the up coming week. That way I know what commitments I have, and what will be my busy days, and my light days. I have so much on and so much I want to do, a little planning will make it easier to do.

So just a quick and fun post for today!

So enjoy your Sunday, and have a wonderful day!



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