Bookshelf Review: Lessons From Madame Chic


This book, Lessons From Madame Chic: The Top 20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living in Paris by Jennifer L. Scott, is the perfect read for all Happy Suburban Chicks who want to live life more beautifully.


Jennifer Scott shares the secrets she learned from Madame Chic  whilst living in Paris for six months with her host family. Certainly the modern Parisian family she stays with lives fulfilling and passionate lifestyle. As I read through the book, I discovered many tips and ideas on how to live more beautifully. Each chapter is full of stories, tips, and examples on how to apply  Parisian lifestyle and adjust it too the western style lifestyle. What stood out to me was how her host family lived simply, yet with great purpose everyday, and focused intensely on quality, especially quality of lifestyle. Jennifer tells many stories from her time in Paris as a student, and also how she has applied the principles to her current life.


One tip is living life as a formal event, with the focus on the evening meal.  The evening meal was an event every night; it included quality food, but also quality in the way it was presented, and quality to the time and focus that was given to it. Personally I like a sit down meal in the evenings, however after reading this book I see many areas where I could make it more special and memorable each night. The food and excise part was very motivating; it showed me the importance of not snacking, and focusing on the three meals a day. Also exercise was a big theme, everyday exercise from walking instead of driving and just being active even doing housework. Sometimes I find it hard to walk places in suburbia, the distances are big. Although I know that I am often lazy, I could walk to the supermarket across the road instead of driving. I could walk to the shops in the town center; I just hate walking past the traffic, the noise and fumes.


Another one of the lessons was about looking your best each day, yes I have often left the house in tracksuit and t-shirt. It is often embarrassing when I run into people, it might be a quick visit to the supermarket, and that will always be the time I run into someone. Where as when I look my best I feel confident, and proud. So I am making an effort to look my best no matter what, and it started with cleansing some of those frumpy clothes out of my wardrobe. Living in Melbourne I don’t think a 10-piece wardrobe will work for me. I really need four sessions of clothes in my wardrobe all year round, in fact here in Melbourne you can experience four sessions in one day. Certainly I am going to be more selective about the clothes I wear, and I will be checking myself in the mirror before I leave the house. Other tips was to invest in a stylish easy to maintain hairstyle and find your own signature perfume, and I think I already embraced the no- make up look many years ago.


It also addressees the importance of using your best things, not saving them for that one day, this is something I have adhered to in recent years, and it adds so much joy and luxury to life. Also reducing clutter, this is a hard one for me to break, although I don’t have a lot of clutter in my house, and often have to let things go, especially when I bring new things in. I think the focus is we can live with less, especially when we focus on quality.  Instead of having a lot of cheap stuff, you can choose to have one quality item.


I really have enjoyed reading this book; it is full of so many tips. Jennifer has a beautiful way of living her life, and embraces her femininity in an inspiring and cultivated way. I like her philosophies, I think they can be applied on a variety of budgets; mostly I like her attention to detail to everyday living.  Jennifer has a blog call, The Daily Connoisseur,  where she blogs about the fine art of living, and also has lots of videos on it. As a Happy Suburban Chick I am always looking for ways to live my life more beautifully. I certainly think Jennifer’s book and blog have helped me adopt some practices in my life that have improved my lifestyle and enjoyment levels from everyday living. I was extra lucky in that I was able to borrow this book from the library.  I just love visiting my local library.

Do you have any books that you would recommend a Happy Suburban Chick to read? Please leave a comment and let me know.

Also if you have read this book, what where your big take aways from it ? Please leave a comment I would love to know what your thoughts are on the book.

Wishing you all a wonderful day.



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