Reviewing September Adventures. Planing October, With The Theme Enjoying Life!

Sydney Holiday, visit and tour of Government House. Beautiful Sunny Sydney!

Sydney Holiday, visit and tour of Government House.
Beautiful Sunny Sydney!

I looked back on my journal notes today and I noticed I penned to ‘seek out more adventures’, in September. It was certainly a month full of activities and adventures. How fast this September has gone, it has been full of:
  • Education, with me attending a two day nursing course.
  • Being more involved with school council and fundraising day.
  • Being involved in Toastmaster activities, judging and organising a contests for my own club.
  • Reading wonderful books on my kindle.
  • A wild and wonderful adventure to Sydney for a short sunny holiday.
  • Attending gym and doing more exercise, regular journalling and guided meditations.
  • Completed my Writing For The Web Course.

Looking forward to October, with lots of things planed such as:

  • Ultimate blog challenge for October( Getting back into my blogging)
  • Becoming a Confident Trainer course
  • Being involve in a speech craft course for my Toastmaster club, and also having a fun night to promote my club and invite visitors too.
  • Being involved with my son’s school
  • Getting back into my weekly Artist’s Dates and playing more
  • Enjoying longer days with daylight savings commencing this Sunday.

This month in my journal I have put ‘Enjoying Life’, as the theme above the page. I think it is the thought of longer days and the hope of more sunshine and sunny warm days in this up coming month of October, that promises  enjoying life more. To get outside and play more, to read my books out under the pagola, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee outside, and to get out into the garden all sound delicious things to do. Also you may have noticed I have been struggling with my blogging, I am hoping a little push from doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge will get me back into the habit of writing. I do love my blog and I am not ready to give it up, it certainly needs some more attention.

Back to my suburban day, washing on, ironing done, and now to organise and cook some dinner. Although I have enjoyed the hour curled up on my chair in the lounge as I created this blog post. It is all part of ‘Enjoying Life’.
Wishing you all a wonderful day!

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