My Brain Just Stayed In Bed.

“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.”~Roger Miller

Today was one of those days when my body woke up however my brain just stayed in bed. The morning was unproductive, other than the ironing I don’t have a clue what I did with my time. Then after lunch I ventured out my front door to go for a walk and try to wake my brain up.  I noticed I had diligently  locked all the doors, unfortunately I left the keys inside on the bench. Now I was locked outside without any keys. The weather was delightful; cold, cloudy and raining. Yay, locked outside in the rain! I did not want to smile I just wanted to scream. At least I had my phone. I pulled myself together and  called  my husband for help, after all I had to pick the boys up from school in a couple of hours. He laughed at my stupidity, and then agreed to pick one of the boys up for me. So I had to go and pick Mighty Mouse up at his bus stop. I was super grateful that I was able to find an umbrella, so at least I could stay dry whilst I walked in the rain. It was sort of calming walking in the rain as I could  hear the rain gently taping on my umbrella. Once I got to the bus stop the rain had stopped. At the bus stop I told Mighty Mouse he had to walk home, he wasn’t impressed.  He just looked at me, and said,” You locked us out of the house. ” Then he shock his head with disgust. The bright side is that he got a good half hour of exercise. Finally after many hours of being out in the cold, my husband came home with Mr. Serious and let me back into the house. I was so grateful to be back in my nice warm house.

Some days are just like that nothing goes right. It didn’t feel good being locked out of my house in the cold wet weather. As I went for my very long, long walk. I felt a little sad. Then I thought, I might as well enjoy it, because it is going to turn out ok,  plus  I  really need to get some exercise.  Finally I  was grateful that at least I had my phone, my husband could come and save me, and I had an umbrella. It not always easy to find the bright sparkly bits of life when things  are going wrong, however finding something to be grateful for helps.

Now I sit here trying to write this post, whilst the dog soundly sleeps on the couch, snoring as loud as a freight train going past. It is so annoying! Then my son constantly interrupts needing help with his science homework. Finally I have completed it and hopefully my brain wakes up tomorrow morning and joins me for the day.





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