Getting out and doing stuff on a cold Winter’s Evening.


These long cold Winter’s Days certainly has a way of keeping people in doors especially during the evening time.  During summer everyone is out and about, there is a furry of activity in the neighbourhood. Whilst during the months of winter, the front yards and streets are deserted, there is hardly a sign of life. I guess many people do what I do ,stay home and hibernate. I am the first to admit, I spend way to much time indoors, and watch way too much television during the Winter months. It  is hard to get motivated to go out during the cold wet evenings. Last night, in the dark, with rain pelting down, I ventured out to go to a Toastmasters Speech Contest meeting. The hardest part was leaving the house, I kept thinking, do I really want to go out in that weather, after all it looked so cold and nasty. I did, and when I reached my destination, it was worth it. It was a really fun, and exciting night, just what I required to liven myself up. It reminded me how much I love learning as a part of being, and how much I enjoy listening to peoples stories. In-fact I connect to all the stories, and was able to identify and reflect upon my own life. Those stories energised me and got me thinking, about how the speech was being delivered,  also making connections to what was being said, and being curious about the person delivering the speech. No television show can engage  me as much as being in that audience listening to those stories. I am so glad I ventured out on that cold Winter’s Night. I constantly need to remind myself, to make the effort, rug up, and go somewhere and enjoy life!

Wishing you a wonderful day!



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