Ten Blessings of the Week!


The weather has been cold and windy. So windy that  limbs of some trees have been blown down and scattered all over the park. The puddles are so big they consume the track, and I had been required to hike around them. Yet even though I complain about the cold days, there is a part I enjoy. Like rugging up in warm blankets as I sit on the couch, the warmth of the heater, and wearing warm clothes and coats. I love my coats, they make me feel cozy and warm. The best thing about Winter is how cosy it is in my bed, how easy it is to sleep on cold Winter’s nights. There is a lot to be grateful about this time of year.

Here are my Ten Blessings of the Week:

  1. I am so blessed for my wonderful collection of warm coats, that keep me warm every morning at the bus stop, that I can rug up in and venture outside in nature during these cold Winter’s days.
  2. I am so blessed that Mighty Mouse has wonderful teachers that provide with a lovely school environment to learn and grow. He received a glowing report, and it was a delight to hear about all the wonderful activities his class was involved in, and to see how his school work had improved.
  3. I am so blessed that I could open up all my windows and let the cold breeze blow through the house, freshening the house, and blowing out all those winter germs of the previous week. I love how a fresh breeze can blow away all the stale smells and germs, and bring a clear and uplifting energy into the house.
  4. I am so blessed that I got a lovely book on whimsical writing from the library to play with. I got to spend some time just getting lost in doing some fancy writing and simple pictures.
  5. I am so blessed that I got to spend a time out at my son’s Scout group on an activity they did at the local shopping centre. It was an interesting activity and it was good to be involved.
  6. I am so blessed for Friday movie night with the boys, it is becoming a ritual that we all look forward too. This time I came home put my pyjamas on, and made myself really comfy. It is so special to have relaxing Friday evenings, after the rushing around of the week.
  7. I am so blessed for the opportunity to have a family celebration party for my Mum’s birthday. These celebrations are small, we enjoy a lovely meal together, and a yummy cake. Mighty mouse still runs around turning all the lights off before we sing a Happy Birthday song. It is so exciting.
  8. I am so blessed that Mr. Serious cooked us Sunday breakfast of bacon and egg rolls, it always taste better when somebody else cooks it. Whilst it is so good that Mr. Serious wants to learn to cook, it is a wonderful life skill to have.
  9. I am so blessed that the boys were excited about having a family day on Sunday, they still want to spend time with us, so we made the most of it and went to the Immigration Museum. Which made me think we are just so blessed to live in a country of freedom and opportunity.
  10. I am so blessed to wake up feeling joyful and having a sense of wonder. I look forward to getting stuck into my day, and expecting joyful moments, even though I know there will be some  hiccups and hardships to be faced.

Another lovely week has gone by, full of wonderful moments and a few challenging moments to remind me not to take the good times for granted.

All is well!

Please leave a comment. What were some of the blessings of your week or day?

Wishing you a wonderful Day!

A photo from a walk in the park after one of those cold windy winters days.

A photo from a walk in the park after one of those cold windy Winter’s Days. 


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