Magical, Adventurous, Fun, Weekends.


Weekend happiness, so magical and full of possibilities my weekend days can be.
Due to working so many of my weekends(thanks to nursing), they are extra special when I get them off.
It feels good to know that there are two wonderful days to fill up with fun adventures and relaxing activities..
Out of all the days in the week the Saturday and Sunday are ones that I like to make sure are full of the things I love.
Many of my weekends have been wasted, I have not used my time so magically, rather I filled it up with dull unimportant activities like siting on my computer or doing housework(Yuk!)
Not this weekend Saturday night was a family party for Mum, hip hip hooray for Mum’s Happy Birthday!
Sunday was family day, well more like family afternoon, we slept in and then Mr. Serious cooked us egg and bacon rolls for Brunch.
Then we ventured into the city to visit the Immigration Museum which was a history lesson and gratitude lesson in one.
My husband and I found it very informative, however we had to do a lot of reading. The boys they were happy to watch the interviews on the screen, however too lazy to read anything.
After that we wandered along South Gate, found a restaurant that sells yummy pizza, and enjoyed a lovely early dinner.
Mighty Mouse found a brochure for the Eureka Skydeck, telling us how he really wanted to go there. He wants to go to the very top, he is not scared at all, he is going to the very top he tells us. He gets his brochure folds it up and puts it in his pocket. I having a feeling it will be coming out the next time we ask him what he wants to do.
 We asked the boys what they thought about the day, well pizza was the best bit, I must admit it was really nice pizza.
Another weekend has gone, this time I did not waste it. It was wonderful, magical and included a great adventure into the city.
These days I try to plan my weekends, so they are just as enjoyable as I wish them to be.
To help plan weekends I usually have a list of things I want to do or places I would like to go. I also keep an events calendar for each month. I usually put in events and festivals,and  local events, that I might want to experience.
Don’t let the weekend slip by. Plan something, make it special even if it is a movie or a picnic.
Do something!
Make weekends special.
Wishing you a wonderful day!
Immigration Musuem

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