Winter Journaling

winter journaling


In the morning hours I light a candle, grab a hot cup of tea to sip on, and then curl up into the lounge chair with my journal and pen. Firstly I take a moment to close my eyes and simply breath, 5 minutes is all that is required, then I just let what ever is in my head pour out on the page. No judgments just kindness, and lots of self- discovery. So many things to explore in my mind, thoughts and ideas fly off in all directions; it is just like a big jumbled mess. My journal allows it all to unravel the mess, clear my mind, and even revels insightful discoveries about my life and myself.

Today I penned about my tulips, I can see them just starting to sprout. It occurred to me that the cold chilly days and frosty mornings are exactly what is required to stimulate tulips to grow. It is the harshness of winter that leads to the colorful blooming display in spring. The cold winters days provide ideal conditions for me to curl up on my comfy chair and do some journaling, and take notice of those words; ‘ I wish for…………………..’

Today I asked myself, what wishes is winter stimulating me to cultivate into my life? One of those wishes was writing and the desire to write more and to write well. I have been thinking a lot about writing these past few weeks, and yesterday I fell upon a writing course, which I promptly enrolled in. It will teach me the basic techniques about writing and assist me to write more creatively. I wish to develop writing skills, be motivated to write more, and even do more intense courses in the future. Winter journaling has allowed me to notice, ‘my wish for…..’, and stimulated me to start somewhere, at the beginning with baby steps, and who knows what colorful  Spring blooms will appear.


Wishing you all a wonderful day!

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