Your Home Is A Reflection Of Your Personality!





My home is a reflection of me. It oozes the need for order and space, with a space for quiet reflection or play for each of us to go to and have our alone time. We are family of individuals who cherish are alone time and space, except for the dog, she needs constant companionship. It is light and spacious, with a relaxed furnished look. Traditional but comfortable. It is quiet, sometimes you wouldn’t know I have two teenage boys living here. It is so peaceful and quiet. It is not just quiet noise wise, it is also quiet in the way it looks, lightly furnished, clutter minimised, still it is filled with the things we love. Many rooms express the users personality, the study is all my husband the desk a working space with stuff everywhere. My youngest sons room all about animals, he loves animals. My older son clean and minimal, with clothes hangers on the floor, and the wardrobe open. He is the serious one and going through that teenage stage, he is in-between waiting to complete his space to reflect his personality more. My room is the lounge room its floral curtains and patterned floral chairs. The use of crochet blankets, and purple blankets, wooden furniture not all matching, my candles and the scattering of books, Ofcourse there is a tv sometimes l don’t like it, but I do enjoy my comfy space to sit with hubby and enjoy a movie in the evenings. Our home and living spaces are a reflection of who we are as a family.
I went in search of ideas to inject more of my own personality into my home, and these are the five strategies that found to be the most useful for me.
Yes I am still on that journey of making my home a happier place to be. So here are 5 tips for infusing your own personality into your home as follows:
  1. Fill it with things,  that make you happy.
  2. Use your favourite colours and patterns, scatter them throughout your house
  3. Choose furnishings that reflect your lifestyle.
  4. If you are a clean and orderly person, have some clean and orderly spaces in your home to hang out in, and allow other individuals to have their messy spaces. As long as each person has a space of their own that they are comfortable in.
  5. Start editing, get rid of the things you don’t use, and get rid of the things that you just don’t like, this will make room for the things you love.


What could your home tell you about yourself?
How can you inject more of your own personality into your own home?
Wishing You All A Great Weekend!

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