Making Toilet Bombs With Essential Oils.


Yesterday we had our lights changed over to energy-efficient lights, draft stoppers put in, and our shower heads changed over to water efficient shower heads. It is all about making our house energy and water efficient. It is a small step anyway. However I was inspired to create some natural cleaning products, and thought it would be fun to make pink toilet bombs. I recently went to a green cleaning workshop run by Clare James and learnt how to make all my cleaning products with natural and environmentally friendly ingredients.
Toilet Bombs
1 1/3 cups  bicarbonate soda,
1/2 cup citric acid
Essential oils: 30 drops lavender oil
                          15 drops Bergamot oil
                          15 drops Rosemary oil
food colouring 15 drop.
small amount of water ( I used 15 drops.)
misting bottle( can use old deodorant bottle)
Ice trays( I used 2 ice trays)
Add dry ingredients and mix well. Add essential oils, food colouring and water to misting bottle)
Slowly add misting liquid to dry mixture, be careful not to add to quickly and fizz up the dry ingredients.
Mixture is dry and slightly damp.
Put mixture into ice trays and press down with fingers or thumb so the mixture is tightly compressed.
Put in dry spot for 24 -48 hours to dry.
Then pop out of ice trays put in nice container and ready to use.
The use of essential oils makes them smell divine, and a joy to use. I love dropping one of my toilet bombs into the toilet and watching it fizz. You just drop it in, watch in amusement as it fizzes, then leave overnight or several hours so it can do all the cleaning. Yeah!
Wishing you a wonderful day!



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