What To Do With Teenagers On School Holidays!


What to do with teenagers on school holidays! Help!

The school holidays have commenced and my sweet darling teenage boys want nothing more to do than sleep in late and play computer games. I would love to torcher the little darlings by taking them for long walks, however every time I put my head out of the door it starts to rain.  It is a definite “no ! ” to dancing in the rain, or jumping in puddles. I suggest inviting friends over, and I get, “I need a break!”. They are so anti-social and comfortable with lots of alone time. The house is quiet like no kids even exist here. So different from when they were little and loved doing  play ground crawls, and  happily jumped in puddles.  Today Mr. Serious has informed me that he is doing his fitness now, yes he is going to ride the exercise  bike for ten whole minutes. Mr Serious is more serious about gaming than he is about sports. Whilst Mighty Mouse is hiding under the covers playing Minecraft on his iPad, he just wants to hibernate in his room. He thinks if he closes the door I will forget he is there, and leave him alone in peace. Whilst Little  Miss Popularity is shivering outside, she came in briefly, threw up on the floor, and was quickly thrown outside again by Mr. Serious because she was being gross. Poor Little Miss Popularity she has now gone to her kennel to sulk. I go out of my way to ask them, “What do you want to do on school holidays?” They don’t know, or  I will say no because it will cost too much money. However they can not remember what is that they wanted to do that was going to cost too much money, so I don’t even have anything to say no too. I throw my hands up in the air, and yell out errrrrrrrrrrr. These boys can be so frustrating even though they are so loveable.

So if you have any ideas what I might be able to do with teenagers on school holidays leave me a comment. I would love some ideas.

Wishing you all a great day!



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