Flowers! One Way To Brighten A Winter’s Day.


Blankets of grey angry clouds have blanket the winter’s sky today. Although they threaten to open up with a down pour of water, they simply tease with small showers of rain and a cold ice breeze. I take refuge in the comfort of my home, with the delights of some red flowers and a small scented candle. In my cozy home I feel warmed by the cozy atmosphere, and a tiny flame that shines brightly in a room engulfed in the sweat soft sound of some classical music.

I never get tired of seeing flowers, they always lift my spirits and bring a sense of peace and joy to my home environment. In the winter months their bright colours cheer me up and bring warmth to my home. I sometimes think flowers are a necessity to living a beautiful life. I think I will start taking the advice of Bronnie Masefau the author of the book Australian Vintage Living and put them on the top of my shopping list.
Not much flowering in my garden at the moment, camellia’s budding and so excited about them adding a pop of colour to my dreary winter garden. Come on camellias pop out, brighten my days.
How do you bring colour to dreary winter days?
Wishing you all a wonderful day!



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