Doing More Of What Makes You Happy


I would like to give credit to the person who took the picture of the happy lady which I pasted onto my book, but I don’t who it was, it certainly makes me feel happy. 

Last month I attended a happiness workshop, which was based on the work of Gretchen Rubin’s Book, The Happiness Project. I think you can always have more happiness in life. The workshop was organised through the stationary store kikki.K which was a lot of fun, and I started working through my Happiness Journal. I love that on the front of the journal it has the sentence, do more of what makes you happy. I also found the desire to personalise my journal by adding a picture that represents happiness. When I look at my journal I also want to feel the happiness. 
One of the exercises we did which I just love and is super useful in my daily life was the What Makes You Happy List. It is about listing all the things big and small  in your life that bring you happiness. I really love having this list, so if I am having a tough day I can just look at my list and pick a couple of things that can just lift my mood and energy levels. Or I could plan something later on in the week to look forward too, like visiting an art gallery, or going to a coffee shop, or setting time aside for reading. So some of the things on my happiness list are very simple and affordable, It is more about bringing more of it into my life. 
Sometimes I find when I am overwhelmed,  busy, or just focused on the hard stuff, or when life is just challenging, I start to feel down, and I forget to turn to these simple activities that make me feel happier.  I have to make an effort to allow myself to be happier.These ten things are small and simple, yet they make me feel happier.
Ten things on my happiness list are as follows:
  1. Journalling
  2. Adventure walks, finding new places to explore
  3. Reading
  4. Lighting  fragrant candles
  5. Wearing lipstick
  6. Perfume
  7. Smiling
  8. Drinking coffee and tea.
  9. Nice smelling soap
  10. Music, soft relaxing music.

I have many other things on my list, however  these first ten things can easily be implemented into my day and make me feel that  bit happier, and just knowing these things make me happier I feel more grateful for having them in my life. 


So could you make a list of all the things big and the small that make you feel happy? Then think about how you can do more of what makes you happy?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

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