Book Musings~ The Gratitude Effect.

The Gratitude Effect by Dr. John F Demartini.

This book explores the idea that we are grateful for everything. It acknowledges who we are in a holistic sense, everything that we are and everything that happens. It questions the ideas of good and bad. Our society encourages us to just focus on the positive however the so called negative parts of our lives have a very strong purpose in guiding us to who we are, and what we need to learn.”No matter what happens in your life, be sure to count your blessings because any crisis always has within it a hidden blessing if you take time to look a little closer.” Often these negative aspects can lead to positive outcomes. The author reminds us to be grateful for the things that challenge us. At the time we may think and feel no good can come from it. However every moment in our lives matters, and shapes who we are and helps us to grow. “When we are ungrateful, we close our life down in fear and guilt, but when we are filled with gratitude events that some call miracles happen.” One of the recommendation the author suggests is that we start our day of with gratitude and end our day with gratitude. When we focus on gratitude we can always find something to be grateful for. Building up our gratitude muscle can help us to be grateful when we are confronted with those challenging experiences and emotions that crop up in life from time to time. 
A strong emphasis was put on living our own lives and trusting in ourselves. When we judge our lives according to other individuals lives, we lack gratitude for who we are, it is difficult to be in a place of gratitude living someone else’s life. “When we aspire to be someone else, we live someone else’s life. We’ll be living with shoulds, ought to’s have to’s, and supposed to’s of someone else.” What we really want in life is too be loved and appreciated for who we really are. When it comes to ourselves,and others it is about deeply striving to be unconditionally loving and letting go of judgement and labelling. For me that would be undoing a lifetime of conditioning, for me awareness is the first step, catching myself labelling and judging and focussing on unconditional love is the second step. He also suggest when we are struggling and lacking confidence that is because we are out of touch with our own values, being aware of our own values and top priorities is a key factor. Whilst when it comes to taking action if we can link our actions with our highest priorities and values, we are more likely to achieve and be successful at what we are doing. Then be grateful for everything you learn every single day. 
This book is full of information, and was really a heavy read, which required me to take notes and really think about each chapter. Even some of the ideas were challenging for me, although I think it is a good thing to challenge my thoughts. 
The book covers every aspect of life, and the many ways to be grateful and see the blessings in situations. It also provides affirmations through out the book so I have picked out ten, which are as follows:
  1. I am grateful for both support and challenge; for, both serve me, open my heart, and help me strengthen my spiritual mission.
  2. Thank-you intuition, for guiding me to what’s really inspiring to me.
  3. Thank-you for the opportunity to be exposed to this refining challenge today.
  4. I keep growing for I have a purpose bigger than myself.
  5. I am extremely certain that amazing opportunities keep coming to me.
  6. Thank-you for the abundance I have today.
  7. I love myself exactly as I am. I am perfect the way I am.
  8. My heart guides me to say exactly what is wise and loving
  9. I am true to myself, I simply shine.
  10. I keep my body clean inside and out.

This book was full of inspiring and useful gems and insights. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to read it thanks to my local library. 

Are there any books that you loved reading and would recommend to others, please let me know I am after ideas about what to read next.

Wishing you all an amazing day!



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