Ten Blessings of the Week!


Recently I just spent a lovely week away with my darling  boys, so this post is a little late. It is also school holidays and I have been distracted in a beautiful way spending time with family especially my boys.

It has been extremely busy this past week. The boys have been on school holidays and we spent the week away at Phillip Island. Our holiday started with rain, and more rain. Thankfully I packed coats, other than a lot of rain it was a lovely holiday and a good break.
My ten blessings from the previous week are as follows:
  1. I am so blessed to that the package for my husbands work turned up early at the post office, and  that the lady serving me was very helpful. This meant we could get away early for our holiday.
  2. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to go for a holiday to Philip Island.
  3. I am so blessed that I packed our coats and had at least one umbrella, so the rain didn’t stop us from doing things.
  4. I am so blessed that it rained so hard on day, that we went back to our cabin early and spent the afternoon and evening reading a gorgeous book. 
  5. I am so blessed that we got to enjoy some delicious lunches and different cafes. The food was very yummy and we filled our selves up for lunch, which meant we only needed a light dinner.
  6. I am so blessed that the rain kept the crowds away, but not the penguins, which meant we could easily get up and close to the penguins.
  7. I am so blessed that we got to go to lots of different places , and had great experiences going to historical farm, feeding wallabies and kangaroos at the wild life park, and spotting koala’s at the Koala conservation centre, and of course looking for seals at the Nobbies.
  8. I am so blessed I had a great reliable car to drive around in, it made me feel so much more comfortable driving around especially at night in a strange place.
  9. I am so blessed that I am so cautious, and was driving cautiously, and looking out for the night life, I was expecting kangaroos, but it was a sheep that was on the middle of the road. My cautious driving meant I didn’t hit it, rather had plenty of time to slow down and stop. The sheep slowly moved of the road, and everyone was safe.
  10. I am so blessed that every day of our holiday was a great adventure, and a day of joy, even with the rain. 

My holiday didn’t go as I planed, we had to change our plans. We had to be happy with the rain. It all worked out and we had a great holiday. 

Quote of the week: “Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.” ~Roger Miller

What were your ten blessings of the week/day?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!



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