Ten Blessings of the Week!


Life has been good, it has offered me much joy and happiness in the past week. Mostly in those everyday moments but also in the special moments that come as opportunities to engage more with life. This morning I was appreciative that I woke up breathing.  That I had a good night sleep. That I could experience hot water running down my back and even have soap to wash myself with.  That I had a collection of clothing to choose from, and that I could pick out something that I love to wear. I also got to have a filling breakfast, and I don’t have to worry about being hungry there is plenty of food in the house. I have a reliable car that gets me to where I need to be. I have so much to be grateful for. I was also a little disappointed today because my son is sick, and I had to cancel my morning tea with a friend. My son is ok, he is just feeling ill, a little nauseated, so a good sleep and restful day will do him good. My day may not be how I planed it, however it can still be a wonderful day. Whilst those are the little moments that have brought joy to my day today, here are the Ten Blessings from the previous week.

  1. I am so blessed to be able to have my hair done at the hair dressers, now it looks and feels tidy and fresh, and I just love the way it makes me feel. Plus it so beautiful to be pampered, and going to the hair dressers is one of my favourite ways of being pampered.
  2. I am so blessed to be able to attend my son’s school Bush Dance night, it was a wonderful family night and lovely community feel, and it just lovely to feel the school provides that sense of community, that extends beyond the student and teachers but also connects with the family.
  3. I am so blessed to be able to shed more of the old from our house, this de-cluttering process has been about letting go of things that the boys have grown out of, mostly toys and teddies. Now to find them new homes, after all they were loved and valued items in our house for many years.
  4. I am so blessed to be able to attend my Cranbourne Toastmasters club, and develop my communication skills, it was wonderful to give a speech, it was a folk tale, I chose the Princess who Married a Dragon, I enjoyed telling that story, it challenged me to do a speech that was out of my comfort zone. It gave me the opportunity to build upon my story telling skills.
  5. I am so blessed to have an enthusiastic  fluffy dog, who will always gladly go for a walk with me. She is my walking buddy, and loves walking adventures as much as I do. Thanks Little Miss Popularity for going out with me on my long walks this previous week, I look forward to this weeks walks with you.
  6. I am so blessed that my cooked meals have actually been yummy and enjoyable to eat, it has been lovely to sit down each night at the kitchen table and eat together most nights. Even if Hubby is late I still got to sit down and enjoy my meal with the boys.
  7. I am so blessed to be able to spend Friday nights with the family having movie night. This is one of our weekly rituals that I just love, and we all get to sit in the lounge together, relax, laugh and watch a movie.
  8. I am so blessed that Hubby took us out for a new experience, he took us to Farmworld. It was a big event with lots of people attending, and I saw a lot of tractors, all different colour and sized tractors. It had lots of farm stuff there, it was certainly different. Yet it was an enjoyable day out and we found plenty of things to look out including a cute pig and her piglets and a demonstration of Draft horses working.
  9. I am so blessed for our wonderful back yard to enjoy on sunny days and relax in, it is amazing how good sitting under a few trees on a nice sunny days afternoon can feel so good and relaxing.
  10. I am so blessed that my brother came over for tea on Sunday night, we enjoyed a roast and he brought dessert. It was just so nice to enjoy a meal together and catch up.

The previous week was ordinary in many ways, and it was also about making daily choices to cultivate joy and happiness. Like journalling, enjoying our meals, going for walks, saying yes to opportunities like the school bush dance night. It was also about just being grateful, like wow I not only have clothes to wear, I have really nice clothes that I love to wear and that make me feel good. Or even just noticing there are a lot of crickets about lately, they are even in the house, there was one in the lounge with us last night and one in the hallway this morning.


Quote of the Week:” Things don’t have to be extraordinary to be beautiful. Even the ordinary can be beautiful.” ~Wicker Park

I am currently reading a book called The Heart of Abundance by Candy Paull which really speaks in-depth about being grateful and seeing the  abundance that is in our daily lives.  She writes about developing a habit of being thankful in the good times so as we establish the ability to be grateful in more difficult times. I think this is true, and I can see how this Ten Blessings exercise is helping to do that.

The Heart of Abundance by Candy Paull is available as a free Kindle version on Amazon books. You can go to the following link to find it, http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_0_22?url=search-alias%3Ddigital-text&field-keywords=the+heart+of+abundance&sprefix=The+Heart+of+Abundance%2Caps%2C390


What were your Ten Blessings of the Week/Day?

Wishing you a Wonderful Day!


Fran Dishon

Fran Dishon


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