A Day For Happiness, Moving Towards A Life of Happiness!

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Created in Picmonkey


The General Assembly of the United Nations declared on July 12th 2012 that the 20th of March would be the International Day of Happiness. It is not just about our own personal happiness it is also about moving towards happiness and wellbeing for all human beings around the globe.  The United Nations recognises that, “the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal.” Whilst even though  in Australia we have peace, abundant lifestyles where all our basic needs are met, people are still struggling  to be happy. 

Two things have made me really think about happiness today. One was yesterday having a conversation with someone who was clearly struggling with personal happiness. It made me feel grateful that I wake up every morning looking forward to my day, I am truly happy to be alive and engaged in life. Whilst last night I   also reminded by someone about the personal satisfaction and happiness that comes from being able to serve in your community, whilst  it is hard work , it is also rewarding. So I look forward to serving my son’s school community the best that I can.

Unbelievable I have been listen to a free course live on Creative live at http://www.creativelive.com, called Moving to Happiness by  Petra Kolber, full of great tools and knowledge about happiness. Five things I took away that I could apply right away were as follows:  


  1. Express Gratitude
  2. Be an positive optimiser and seek out the benefits.
  3. Move, for me that will be daily walks. I would like to do some other activities like some group classes in the near future. 
  4. Nurture relationships with others and yourself
  5. Just smile and practice kindness.
  6. Look foreword with an positive outlook. 
  7. Breathe and take time to pause 
  8. Manage perfectionist. 
  9. Take some action even if its a small action. All the small actions are the building blocks towards a big action. So moving forward
  10. Learning to fail, and redefine failure as an opportunity especially an opportunity to learn. 

Personally I think that focusing on happiness makes me a better person, who can be more supportive to my family, friends and community. Happiness is something you have to work on everyday, it so easy to forget about it and get stuck in the drama, rather than managing the drama with a positive outlook, focusing of the benefits. Also happiness is in those little actions like choosing to be kind, getting up and doing some exercise or simply moving, getting enough sleep, setting aside time to just do things you love , being mindful and present in the now, expressing gratitude especially to others, and so much more. 

So what is one thing you could do today to add more happiness into your life?

Today I am going to breathe and pause, before I react, so I can react more kindly and calmly, and so I have that moment to reframe the negative and look for the positive. I think my children and husband will benefit from this, whilst I will be happier and calmer from making better choices and not feeling like I am being mean and angry.  Hopefully I can include some of the other things, but for me I tend to over react to a challenging situation or even just one of my children creating a mess. So breathing , pausing and reframing my thoughts about the situation will be a big step for me, and I know I will be happier if I can do it.  


Wishing you all a Happy Day!







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