My Exciting Day!

Photo on 16-03-2014 at 6.23 pmSunday evening and the day has just been wasted away. I like to think that the Sunday’s I don’t work are exciting days, but this one was not one of them. It was one of those days when my family were to busy doing other things, and did not want to do anything with me. It was also wet and raining so the poor dog didn’t get a walk. The morning was nice, it was overcast and cold,  the perfect day for a sleep in. I stayed in bed curled up for a while doing some journalling and reading a book. Finally when I did get up, get breakfast and thought yes,  let’s go out and play. But no, they were all too busy!  Mighty Mouse was playing a game, Mr. Serious was playing a game and finishing of  his home work, and Hubby was too busy doing other stuff. So I did my ironing and scrubbed the floors. I felt a bit like Cinderella. I am still waiting for the Fairy Godmother to come so I can go to the ball. Then I relaxed on the couch had a rest whilst listening to the sound of roaring cars on the TV from the other room, where my husband was watching the car racing. Followed by wine and more reading outside in the cold where it was quiet. Followed by pizza for dinner and more wine. Finally followed by coffee( I think my coffee-making skills are improving, it tasted pretty good.) Followed by TV, not that there is much on TV, so I watched one show, it was funny and I don’t even know what it was called. Now it is 10pm and the day is over, and that is my exciting day of being a very boring suburbanite!

How did you spend your Sunday?  Did you make the most of it? Did you work? Did you play big time? Did you feel you wasted it ?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!




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