Saturday Morning Musings!

IMG_4043Another Saturday morning has come around and I am afraid it is an intense weekend of working so not much time for playing. So many people work weekends now so I don’t feel so bad about it. It still somehow feels like I am missing out. I think it is that Monday to Friday attitude, Yey, it is the weekend, we get to relax and play. So I celebrated my days off on Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday included an adventure walk around the lake with Little Miss Popularity and a visit to the lovely Wilson’s Botanical Park. Whilst Thursday was my Artist’s Date to Heritage Hill Museum and Historical Gardens. This lovely place is hidden away in the suburban streets of Dandenong. It is amazing what treasures can be found hidden in our suburbs. They hide among the drudgery of suburban streets and I often don’t notice them until  I  go exploring.  It was a lovely old house called the Benga House, which I did a tour through the maid’s room, kitchen, and laundry experiencing what it must have been like to be the maid of the house, and how life would have been in those times. Then walking through the house I was able to enjoy three of the art exhibitions. It was a lovely quiet space to be in, and stand back taking in the stories of the pieces of works. Out side was lovely the garden surroundings , unfortunately it was too windy to sit and enjoy. I wanted to take more pictures especially of the house however my camera battery decided to die. That is ok, I at least got this one of the gardens. It was a lovely day out and I enjoyed my solo excursion out very much.  It is a wonderful thing to take time out and re-fill the well. What wonderful things will you do this weekend ? Or are you like me and working this weekend?

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!



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