Ten Blessings of the Week!


The previous week has been a wonderful busy and enjoyable week, which just went way to quickly. So on Sunday I penned my Ten Blessings in my journal and this is what they were:

  1. I feel so blessed for my good health, working as a nurse is a constant reminder how important good health is, because if you lose it, it is dramatic and it affects all the other parts of your life.
  2. I feel so blessed to have the time and the environment to go out into for long adventure walks with my fluffy dog Little Miss Popularity. It is wonderful being able to walk through park land and around lakes, being able to watch swans , pelicans and ducks. It is a delight to be able to spot and watch so many different types of birds.
  3. I am so blessed to be able to celebrate my Husband’s Birthday with a family party, full of lots of lovely food, birthday cake and present. I also felt blessed that I was able to find him a present and the shop assistant was so helpful especially when I returned it to change the size. It was just so easy and effortless.
  4. I am so blessed to go to another wonderful library talk, this time it was on The Chinese New Year and Horoscope it was so interesting and I really enjoyed my fortune cookie.
  5. I am so blessed to have a wonderful book, “The Very Very Bad Book” to read to my son, we laugh so much, and it is such an enjoyable thing to share.
  6. I am so blessed that I could just lie out on the Trampoline on a warm summer evening, under the breeze of the trees just looking up into the night sky, enjoying some star-gazing.
  7. I am so blessed to just feel full of joy and happiness, and a simple feeling that life is good, and that I have lots of wonderful people to share it with.
  8. I am so blessed to have wonderful eyesight, because I really enjoy reading lots of books, and writing.
  9. I am so blessed to have a peaceful house to live in, I love the quietness of home, I love the silence of home when everyone has gone out for the day and it is just me. So now that my Husband is back at work and the boys are back at school there has been an abundance of beautiful silence.
  10. I am so blessed for having a fan on those really hot nights. Having a fan was just enough to make it cool enough to sleep, and I really love my sleep without it I am just a big grump.

Writing down my blessings for the week, reminds me of the wonderful abundant life I am living. It also helps me feel positive and joyous, and more capable of coping with the challenging parts of life. Being grateful each day, helps me to feel happy each day. I really believe that happiness is worth striving for everyday, and it comes from the inside of us and it radiates.

Quote of the Day: “Happiness depends on ourselves.” ~ Aristotle

Wishing you all a wonderful Day!

Fran Dishon

Fran Dishon


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